How to Recover Self Destruct Photo on Telegram

Telegram is a messaging platform ideal for community management, global chat communication, and private conversations. Two brothers named Nikolai and Pavel Durov introduced the platform in 2013. Many social media content creators, organizations, and small businesses use Telegram as a medium to manage communities and connect with their customers. The primary reason behind that decision is the privacy and safety that the platform provides for its users.

recover self destruct photo on telegram

In today’s blog, we will be discussing one such privacy feature called self-destructing photos. If someone has sent you a self-destructing photo, but you’d like to save it for some reason, you’re at the right place. We will guide you on how to do that in the upcoming sections.

How to Recover Self Destruct Photo on Telegram?

Before we start, we would like to stress the point that saving self-destructing photos is a kind of privacy invasion activity. The photo has been sent in the secret chat for a reason, and the person who sent it doesn’t want you to save the picture in most cases. So, before you save the self-destructing photo, make sure you get their consent.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, in this blog, you can find the top four ways to recover a self-destructing photo on Telegram. All these methods are legit and do not require you to download any creepy third-party applications. If you’re ready, let’s get started.

Take a quick screenshot while sharing the screen

If you have a secondary device like an Android TV, you’ve found the best way to start your quest. Most mobile devices these days have a screencasting option.

All you need to do is head to the settings app on your device and search for the screencasting option. Once you open that, connect it to your Android TV or laptop. This way, you can mirror your mobile screen in a large window.

Next, choose the self-destructing photo you want to save. Maximize it to the screen’s height and breath. Now you can get a good view of the photo. Quickly pick another mobile device and capture the photo using the camera app. Take a few snaps until you get a clear shot.

Use Telegram web

The next method is to use the Telegram web and take a direct screenshot. This is the most straightforward way because you don’t need a second device to save the self-destructing picture.

Head to your desktop browsers and search for Telegram Web. Then quickly log in to your Telegram account. From there, choose the chat with a self-destructing photo you want to save. Once you maximize the photo, use the inbuilt snipping tool of your laptop to snap the photo.

On Windows, you can use the PRT SCR button or find the snipping tool through search, whereas on Mac, you can use SHIFT+COMMAND+4 to access the screenshot tool.

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