How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Telegram

We’ve all become accustomed to using instant messaging. To converse, everyone uses instant messaging apps. Telegram, a well-known application, is used by millions around the globe to interact with their peers and loved ones. However, you may encounter persons you do not wish to communicate with and choose to block them. You may also find yourself in a scenario where the opposite is true.

know if someone blocked you on telegram

It’s been a reliable and secure app, with many features that make sending messages more effortless than ever. Millions of people use the app daily, and it’s easy to see why. Regardless of how good an app is, there will be a flaw or two with it and one spot that has plagued users for years is that it’s hard to tell if somebody has blocked you on Telegram or not!

It’s essential for messaging applications to have solid measures in place in order to prevent individuals from getting in touch with you. If you choose to block someone, they will not send you messages and will not be aware whether you’ve blocked them or not.

However, it’s easier than you might think to see if someone has blocked you on Telegram but before we discuss this in detail, let’s shed some light on the app’s top-notch features.

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Telegram

Being blocked on Telegram is not a good thing, especially if you are a marketer or blogger who relies on Telegram channels to build and engage your audience.

Regardless, people block one another quite often for varied reasons. For example, you may be banned for spamming or sharing inappropriate content. However, there are also situations when you get banned for no apparent reason.

Here are 5 signs to look out for to know if someone’s blocked you on Telegram or not:

1. Your Messages Don’t Deliver

When you block someone on Telegram, their messages will no longer reach you. As a result, this is also a means to see if someone in the messenger has blocked you.  Text them to know the same and if you are an admin of a group, you can’t send texts if you are blocked.

2. Display Picture Replaced by Name Initials

The contacts you blocked in the Telegram app also lose access to parts of your personal information, including the photo used in the messenger’s profile. Therefore, a great way to tell if a contact has blocked you on Telegram is to look at their picture, which was previously available to you, and see if the contact’s name’s initials have replaced it. If their initials replace the profile picture of a user who was previously visible to you, it means you’ve been blocked on Telegram.

3. Telegram Status Updates are Unavailable

Blocked individuals are unable to view Telegram status updates of the contact who’s blocked you.  To break this down in simpler words, a blocked individual won’t be able to view the messages that appear beneath someone’s name and identify the last time they were online and used the app. So, if you are unable to view the status updates of any of your contacts and ‘seen a long time ago’ appears under their name, you might be blocked. 

There’s also a ‘last seen’ feature that enables users to hide their last seen from contacts or let them view the same.

4. Video & Voice Calls Don’t Connect

Get in touch with your contact via video or voice call and if the call hangs up or displays a privacy notice, it’s very likely for them to have blocked you. There are instances when you are unable to contact someone due to a poor network or internet connection. This is precisely why you should make sure you have a stable internet connection before proceeding to verify the above.

5. No “Account Deleted” Message

Telegram users can terminate their messenger accounts, which means Telegram would permanently delete all conversations and content shared with friends. In case a contact removed or deleted their account, they will get a notice outlining the same.

To sum up the reasons discussed above, in case an individual fails to revert back to your texts or doesn’t receive them or if you are unable to view their display picture, there are high chances that you’ve been blocked

Bottom Line:

Even though it’s a little tricky to find out whether someone has blocked you on Telegram or not, we have listed five signs above to watch out for. If these signs appear, it’s very likely that you have been blocked and can no longer contact the individual. There are times when people report texts while blocking someone. During such instances, Telegram limits the reported account from interacting with individuals who aren’t a part of your contact list.

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