Can You See Who Viewed Your Telegram Channel?

Telegram has become our one-stop solution for different kinds of needs. You can be in large groups and even larger channels, invite friends to join Telegram and delete messages and media without a trace. You also have the live stream option available in channels and advanced editing tools present for all your photos and videos. Besides, there are bots that help streamline our tasks on the app.

can you see who viewed your telegram channel

Have you created a Telegram channel and now wondering who is viewing it? We know you have tried all the tricks possible to get an answer, but your multiple failed attempts have brought you here. The app has redefined what a messaging app can do and is built to be a privacy-friendly app.

You might wonder whether you can see who viewed your Telegram channel! Well, if this question has lingered on your mind, then you are at the right place because we will discuss it in detail today. Hence, make sure to give all your attention to this blog to get your answers.

Can You See Who Viewed Your Telegram Channel?

If you use Telegram, you would know what Telegram channels are, isn’t it? People create channels on Telegram to broadcast their messages to a large audience on the platform!

You can find anything on these Telegram channels right, from entertainment to education and more. Besides, the process of finding the channel you are interested in is quite simple. You only need to have the right keywords in the search bar for the app, and you can find a suitable channel.

There are also a lot of online repositories available where again, you can find Telegram channels. You can skim through them to find the channel that interests you.

Many individuals mistakenly believe that the Telegram channel and group are the same, but this is not the case. Groups are limited to 200,000 users on the platform, but individual channels can have unlimited subscribers.

In addition, groups on the platform allow you to take part in the discussion. Telegram channels let you broadcast an infinite stream of messages, but none of the channel’s subscribers are able to send messages there.

Please remember that Telegram channels are also public and private. While you can easily join the public Telegram channels, doing so for the private ones isn’t as simple.

You can only join them if someone sends you an invite or you have the link that you require to join these channels.

Telegram channels are quite a popular feature on the platforms, and it is rare to find people who haven’t explored and joined them.

A lot of users wonder if they can see who viewed their Telegram channel. We are happy to clear the doubts for you in the section.

Well, here’s the thing, there is no official way to see who has viewed your Telegram channel. The instant messaging app does not notify you every time someone visits your channel on the platform.

You can only search and view any publicly available channel on the platform and are free to join or view them. We know the news might be disappointing, but we have clues we can certainly pick up, so don’t get stressed about it. That said, you should check out the sections below.

Someone subscribes to your channel

Each Telegram channel has a bunch of subscribers! Well, the channel subscriber list can be unlimited, as we said before.

The admins are the ones who generally create and then manage the activities happening inside the channel. They receive information when someone subscribes to their channel, even if they unfollow them instantly.

So, if you are an admin of a channel, you have the option to see the number of people who are subscribed to you. You must click on the channel to open it and then tap on the channel name. You will see a members section once you reach there.

Tap on the subscribers option under it. That’s it; you will see the number of subscribers who have subscribed to your channel. When someone subscribes to your channel, you would instantly know they must have viewed it, too, isn’t it?

The view count is visible to admins

Admin is the only person who can broadcast messages on their channel. Besides, the platform provides them with a feature to see the view count of those messages.

Now, this won’t tell you who in particular has read your messages, but at least you get something, right? However, you must note that the view count on these messages is counted differently.

Your messages’ view count is refreshed once every 24 hours. As a result, when you see your messages after 24 hours, the view count will increase even if you are the only user on the channel.

How to create Telegram channels?

Creating Telegram channels have a plethora of benefits, and we see a growing number of people creating them nowadays. You can easily broadcast your messages and advertise your products to your target audience as well.

Do you wish to create a channel for your latest interest but don’t know how to do it?

We are here to help you out, so make sure to follow along.

Steps to create a Telegram channel:

Step 1: To begin, you must open the Telegram app on your phone.

Step 2: Do you see the pencil icon located in the chat screen’s lower right section? You should click on this icon to continue.

can you see who viewed your telegram channel

Step 3: Upon following the previous steps, you will enter the New message page. You will see three options present here:

New Group

New Secret Chat

New Channel

You should select a New channel from the list.

can you see who viewed your telegram channel

Step 4: There must be a Create channel button on the following page. Click on it to proceed.

Step 5: You should enter your channel name and add a Description next. Click on the checkmark icon at the upper right corner to continue.

Step 6: Select the Channel type next and create a public link if you choose a public channel.

can you see who viewed your telegram channel

Step 7: You must add subscribers next, and your channel will be created successfully.

In the end

With this, we have marked the end of our discussion. Let’s revisit the topics we have studied today, shall we?

We addressed, “Can you see who viewed your Telegram channel.” We discussed the topic in detail, so make sure to read it.

We also addressed how to create a Telegram channel. We hope you like the answers in the blog. Follow us for more such questions and answers.

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