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Do you want to know more about someone you know online? If yes, you might be interested in knowing their email address or phone number to get into the details. There might be several ways to gain some information about anyone without asking them directly. It all depends on how you interact with them, where you meet them, and what information you already have about them.

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What? Do you interact with them via messages? And you meet them on Telegram? In that case, you might not already have much information about the person. As such, it’s not going to be easy to dig out the person’s details just by being on Telegram.

Nevertheless, some information might be possible to garner on Telegram. But what is that information? Can you find out the email address as well?

Finding someone’s email address on Telegram might appear to be an easy way to learn more about someone. But is it even possible? But is that even possible? Read on to know all about what you can and can’t find about someone on Telegram.

Can You Find Someone’s Email Address from Telegram?

Do you remember the first time you downloaded Telegram? Do you remember how you created your Telegram account? No?

No problem. Let us remind you how account creation on Telegram works. You download Telegram from the Play Store and open the Telegram app. Telegram asks for your phone number.

You select your country code, enter your mobile number, and verify it via call-based or text-based verification. Once your number is verified, Telegram asks for your name. You enter your name, tap on the Next arrow, and that’s it. Your Telegram account gets created, and you start using it without any more questions.

Now, we haven’t come here to waste your time. Did you notice something about the account creation process on Telegram? The email address is not involved anywhere!

And it’s not just about account creation. Telegram never asks for your email address at any point while using the app! In other words, your email address is NOT linked to your Telegram account. 

Yes, you know what we are getting at. Finding someone’s email address from Telegram is impossible because a Telegram account doesn’t contain the user’s email address.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t find anything about the user. There are other ways to find details about a Telegram user. So let’s talk about what you can learn about a Telegram user.

How to Find Someone’s Contact Details on Telegram

There are two ways to find and contact someone on Telegram. And each of these ways requires you to know some information about the user.

Phone number:

The first thing you can possibly find out about a Telegram user is their phone number. Now, this is not easy to find. Phone numbers are hidden from everyone except your contacts by default.

Therefore, unless a person has made their phone number visible to you, it’s not possible to look it up on Telegram. But how do you find it out?

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