How to Know if Someone Saved Your Number on Telegram [Updated 2023]

Telegram is arguably the most versatile app on the web. It is very much like a mini-internet. It allows us to chat with people in your Contact List, just like other messaging apps like WhatsApp. But the applications of Telegram go far beyond what we usually find on other social networking apps.

know if someone saved your number on telegram

Everything is available on Telegram whether you like it or not. Messages, calls, groups, communities, channels, bots, movies, shows, you name it. As a result, it’s no wonder that Telegram has managed to accumulate such a large user base.

In spite of all these wide-ranging features, one-to-one conversations remain a key use case of the app. We all chat with friends, family, colleagues, and others online. Telegram provides interactive ways to carry on our conversations with colorful backgrounds, animated emojis, and customization features to make our experience more interesting.

But what makes chats more interesting on Telegram is the ability to chat with people without having their phone numbers. People can find you with your username and chat with you as usual. While this option makes connecting with people easier, it also makes it difficult to know who has your number.

In this blog, we will discuss whether it is possible to know who has saved your number on Telegram and some more topics. Read on to know more.

How to Know if Someone Saved Your Number on Telegram

Chatting with someone you know is always better than chatting with strangers. People you know, who are already in your phone’s contacts, are often the people we chat with the most.

Sometimes, you might want to know whether someone you saved in your contacts has also saved your number in their phone. And if Telegram is the only app you chat on with that person, it would be a good idea to know this info on Telegram, right? Wrong.

Telegram is a great app to chat with friends and other people you know. You can even chat with strangers if you like. But sadly, there is no way to know who has saved your number in their phone’s Contact List. The app has several features you can’t find anywhere else.

But when it comes to finding out whether someone you are chatting with on Telegram has your phone number, there is, unfortunately, no option to help you. There are no options on Telegram that can– directly or indirectly– allow you to see whether your number is on another user’s contact list.

In other words, you cannot find out if someone saved your number on Telegram.

Some tricks on the internet will tell you something about deleting the person’s phone number from your phone and waiting for Telegram to sync your contacts. According to this trick, the person has saved your number if you can see their name on Telegram after deleting their number. But this trick doesn’t work, so it’s no use trying them.

Summing up

In this blog, we talked about whether you can know if someone saved your number on Telegram.

Although Telegram has many interesting features that make it stand out from most other messaging platforms, it doesn’t provide us with any trick or method to help you know if someone has saved your number on their phone.

Fortunately, its contemporary WhatsApp has an efficient method that can easily help us achieve this objective. If you follow the steps mentioned above, you can accurately find this information provided the two criteria are satisfied.

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