How to See When Someone Was Last Active on Facebook Without Being Friends (2 Ways)

Facebook has become one of the most popular social networking platforms, and for a good reason. There are thousands of new users joining the platform every single moment. The app is, without a doubt, a favorite among people from all generations.

see when someone was last active on facebook without being friends

The app has a great deal of appeal because of how basic the platform’s interface is and how simple the app is to use. We upload photos to our profiles and use the site to comment or like the photos of our friends.

Additionally, the app offers a variety of videos that can be educational, creative, or just downright comical.

The app’s developers frequently update it with the newest features, which keeps users enthusiastic. We are aware that we can have fun with our friends on the app. But now we will talk about something that has to do with folks who are not connected to you on the platform.

So, we’ll talk about how to find out when someone was last active on Facebook without being friends. Do you think this social media powerhouse allows you to do it? Let us find out the answers in the section below.

How to See When Someone Was Last Active on Facebook Without Being Friends

We naturally want to know when our friends are online when we use Facebook, right? Of course, you don’t always do it out of necessity; occasionally, you just do it out of interest.

Anyway, when it comes to figuring this out, of course, the famous green dot has always been our savior. But the fact is that we are discussing finding out when someone was last active on Facebook without being friends. We will talk about this in this section, so let us get right to it.

If you want the truth, we have some sad news for you: Facebook does not let you see a person’s last active status if they are not on your friend list. Only those individuals who are connected to you on the app can view the online status that you frequently see when your friend is active.

We understand your extreme frustration, but don’t worry; this is not all. There are ways to learn someone’s last active status even though the site does not allow sharing of the information without being friends.

Check out the section below to find out more about it.

Check out the previous conversation

Have you ever spoken with the person whose last active status you are interested in knowing? Well, we frequently converse with someone and then afterward unfriend them, but that doesn’t imply that the conversation is erased from the app. So, you can search for your two-way conversation.

So, you can see the last time when they were actually active on the app if you go to the chat. You might also see the green indicator indicating that they are now active or online.

Use the app to message them

The previous strategy won’t work for you if you haven’t already messaged each other and are essentially strangers on the app. If you have not spoken to them before, why don’t you send them a message right now?

This approach is worthwhile to attempt because it will reveal when the user was last active on the app. We are aware that not everyone likes to communicate directly, but you are welcome to begin a conversation if you feel comfortable doing so. You will receive the seen signal if they read your messages, letting you know that they are online and saw your message.

In the end

Let us talk about the topics we covered today now that our blog has come to an end. We talked about how to view when someone was last active on Facebook without being friends. We reasoned that it is difficult to follow since Facebook restricts it.

Therefore, we went a different path and accessed any prior conversations we had with the person. Then, we also talked about sending the target person a message.

Finally, we went over how to activate the active status on the app. Did our replies help to clarify any questions you had? Follow us to read more blogs like this on our website.

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