Can I Send Message to Someone Who Blocked Me on Telegram?

If you ask today’s youth what’s the one thing they value most, privacy will likely be in the top 5. It’s one of life’s most underrated yet highly important factors, and it’s getting increasingly difficult to protect. Think about all the targeted ads you see on websites; isn’t it common for something you’ve been thinking about to appear there? How do you think that happens? Well, the answer is staring right at you: your smartphone.

can i send message to someone who blocked me on telegram

Anything you search for, tell someone about through text or even talk about while using your phone is all collected data. It is then implemented into your Google optimization, showing ads you will most likely click on.

Now, although there’s no substantial proof, some users believe their phones are listening and recording all their conversations day in and day out, online or in person.

Even if such a thing were happening, there’s a big possibility that none of us are ever going to do anything about it. The person powerful enough to think of like this and smart enough to pull it off is also clever enough to escape the backlash.

There are ways to protect yourself, too. Turn off your smart assistant you’ve activated for convenience, like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. Also, turn off microphone access for different social media apps and Google. These are the most important data sources.

You can use a VPN to ensure the safety of your location and what you search for. Additionally, you could not share personal details like your location and contact information on social media platforms.

Meanwhile, social media platforms, in turn, will protect you from other users on the internet. Trust us; it’s important to protect yourself from those first and foremost. Targeted ads can’t do much to you as an individual, but a stranger on the internet definitely can.

Today’s blog will discuss whether or not you can send a message to a user who has blocked you on Telegram.

Can I Send Message to Someone Who Blocked Me on Telegram?

Let’s discuss your initial question: can you or not send a message to a user on Telegram after they’ve blocked you? As you can guess, the answer is no; you cannot. Being blocked on Telegram is an extremely strict measure, and one of the main objectives behind it is that you shouldn’t contact them.

Let us first tell you how blocking works on Telegram and how you can block someone on the platform.

When a user blocks you on Telegram, it means they absolutely do not wish for you to be able to contact them anymore. You cannot send them any messages or video/audio call them. You also won’t see their profile picture, bio, or online activity.

So, if you see these indicators with another user on Telegram, there’s a chance you’ve been blocked. Still, it is hypothetically possible for all these indicators to appear for an entirely different reason.

You see, Telegram cannot inform any user that they have been blocked since it violates the privacy of the users. That being said, it isn’t hard to connect the dots once you get an idea of what happened.

Here’s how you can block a user on Telegram

Step 1: Open the Telegram smartphone app on your phone.

Step 2: You’ll automatically see the Chats tab on the platform. Find and long-press on your chats with whoever you’re blocking.

can i send message to someone who blocked me on telegram

Step 3: At the top of the page, there will be many options. Tap on the three-dots icon at the corner. A drop-down menu will materialize.

can i send message to someone who blocked me on telegram

Step 4: Tap on the last option there called Block user. You also have the option to Report spam and Delete this chat as a way to eliminate them from your account completely. Here, the answer depends on the severity of the situation and how much you wish to punish this person.

can i send message to someone who blocked me on telegram

If this is to give them a wake-up call, deleting the chat doesn’t make sense. Reporting only works if they’ve been spamming your account with automated messages or have been inappropriate towards you on the platform. It’s best to tap on Block user to get this over with.

If you want to block them back, you can also do that. However, we’d like to mention that it won’t make much of a difference; all one will see in it is a petty fit you’re throwing.

Here’s how to block someone on Telegram after they’ve blocked you

Step 1: On the Chats tab, locate and tap the magnifying glass located at the top.

Step 2: Search for their name and tap on their chat. Repeat the same process, and you’ll be able to block them.

We asked you to locate their chat through search because once they block you, all your previous conversations will be deleted from their account as well as yours.

If a user has blocked you, we’re sorry; we know that it isn’t the best feeling in the world. While it’s not the best advice to try and contact a person who’s openly uninterested in talking to you, it depends on the situation.

For example, if talking to you is something they shouldn’t be doing for some reason, it’s better to leave it alone. Even if you feel like they aren’t interested in you anymore, it’s best not to pursue this further.

However, if they’re close to you and are mad at your actions and not your general personality, you should seek them out. Chances are, they’re just upset and want you to understand and apologize for your mistake.

So, for this, you need to contact them in some way or the other. A phone number, email address, or other social media accounts will save the day. Scour your mind for anything they mentioned that could help you find them.

However, remember: there are some boundaries better left uncrossed. Don’t show up outside their school/college/university or gym; that can be described as stalking.

Instead, make a point of doing something small, like sending them messages consistently rather than giving up when they don’t return. It’s the thought that counts in the end.

In conclusion

As our blog has now reached its end, we’d like to recap all we’ve discussed for your better understanding.

Telegram is a rather famous social media messaging service with top features. If a user has blocked you, you can’t send them a message. If you want to block someone, we can help you out with that. You can also block a user after they’ve blocked you, but there’s very little point in doing so.

Anyhow, someone has blocked you, don’t give up hope. There’s a good chance they’ll forgive you. Try reaching out to them through other social media platforms, and keep being consistent with your efforts.

If you have questions on how to deal with such a situation, let us know, and we’ll get back to you in the comments below!

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