How to Send Whatsapp Message Without Showing Your Number

Send Anonymous Whatsapp Message Without Number: Isn’t “conversation” one of the trickiest terms you’ve ever heard? There’s just so much diversity in them. In fact, truth be told, any monumental change that has come about in our world was initiated with a conversation. Be it group chats, class lectures, parliamentary debates, secrets between best friends, or conflicts between siblings, all of them involve conversations.

send whatsapp message without showing your number

And while some conversations are easier for us to start, such as wishing our teachers “good morning,” or asking our mothers to make sandwiches, there are other conversations that are significantly more difficult.

For instance, telling someone you love them, pointing out a major character flaw, standing up to someone who bullied you. It is conversations like these that we dread all our lives. Wouldn’t it just be easier if it was possible to convey these messages anonymously?

Well, you’d be glad to know that our blog today revolves exactly this problem. Stick with us till the end to learn all about it.

Can You Send Whatsapp Message Without Showing Number?

First things first: let’s start by talking about the possibility of sending someone a WhatsApp message with your number hidden. Can such a thing be done on WhatsApp? Well, if you’ve been using this platform for a while, you know the answer to it just as well as we do. In other words, it cannot be done.

When you create a WhatsApp account, you’re asked for your phone number, aren’t you? And when you want to chat with someone on WhatsApp, you exchange numbers with them as well. Have you ever wondered why? Because your phone number plays a key role in creating and operating a WhatsApp account so, there’s no way you can get rid of it.

Moreover, with the way WhatsApp (and every other messenger) works, the concept of anonymous texting is straightaway impossible. The recipient might not recognize you if they haven’t saved your number or you have no display picture or name, but they’ll get your phone number and can use it to call you, reply to you, or even report you if need be.

So, does this mean you came all this way for nothing? Certainly not. We’ve researched far and wide to come up with some other solutions for your problem and will talk about them in the upcoming section.

How to Send Whatsapp Message Without Showing Your Number

1. Send Anonymous Whatsapp Message Without Number

Third-party tools, although they’re not registered with social media platforms officially, often come in handy when you need to get stuff done that the platform doesn’t directly allow. Now, just because such actions might not be allowed doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be performed. Not all unavailable actions on social media are unethical or illegal. The same is true about sending WhatsApp messages without showing your phone number.

Designed on App Geyser, Wassame is a third-party tool that allows you to send a WhatsApp message to any number in the world anonymously. In other words, using this tool, you can choose to send anyone a message on WhatsApp without letting them know that it was you.

Wassame is available on App Geyser (we’ve attached the link to its website above), where you need to scan a QR code to download its .apk file on your device. Once the file is downloaded, you’ll have to install it in order to launch the application on your smartphone.

Upon opening the app, you’ll be asked to enter the country code and phone number of the person you want to send an anonymous WhatsApp message to. Next, you’ll be given a basic maths problem to solve to verify that you’re a human. Below these fields, you’ll spot a toggle switch with Display Publicly written under it. This switch is set at ON by default; so, in order to send an anonymous WhatsApp message, you’ll have to swipe right on that switch until it displays OFF.

Now that you’ve filled in these details, you’ll find a message icon on top of the screen; tap on it, and you’ll be asked which type of message you need to send with two options listed below:

  • Anonymous 
  • Emergency

Tap on the first one, type in your message in the space provided for it and then send it forward. As soon as you hit Send, the message will go through to its recipient, and they won’t be able to tell who sent it to them.

However, to prevent people from misusing this app, Wassame has limited its anonymous message limit to just one person a day.

2. Create Different Whatsapp Account

If you don’t feel like employing the help of a third-party tool and are looking for a safer alternative, there’s a way to do that as well. You could create a new account altogether, and in order to do that, you’ll need an alternate number, right? And since the main issue here is sending the message anonymously, you must ensure that this number has never been shared around so that the recipient cannot trace it back to you (at least not right away).

There are two things you could do about it. Do you have an old landline phone at home that’s still functioning but isn’t being used actively? If you do, its number could also be used to create your new account. And before you start worrying about receiving the OTP, let’s remind you that these days, WhatsApp also provides you with the choice of receiving OTP over a verification call, which works perfectly for our plan.

To make a new WhatsApp account, you’ll first need to uninstall the app from your phone and clear all data. Then, re-install WhatsApp and enter your landline number this time. Get your OTP over verification call and then proceed to set up your account. You can now use this account to send messages to people who don’t know it’s you on the other side.

In case you don’t have a landline phone at home, which is quite understandable, you can also purchase another SIM card and use it in the same manner for sending anonymous messages to people on WhatsApp.

3. Try Virtual Phone Number (Google Voice & TextNow)

How important is it that the number you use for sending this WhatsApp message remains anonymous forever? If your anonymity is vital to you, the alternatives we suggested in the last section might not work for you. Wondering why? It is because even if these numbers are not really your primary numbers, they must be registered on your own name, or perhaps some other family member’s.

In any case, if the recipient of your anonymous message is willing to figure out your identity, it will lead them back to you sooner or later. And we can’t have that, can we? So, what else can we do? Well, there’s another place where you can find a temporary virtual phone number that couldn’t be traced back to you that easily. There are many applications and tools that offer this facility to you.

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