If I Uninstall Telegram Will I be Removed from Groups?

Digital cleanse is an increasingly popular term among netizens nowadays. But have you ever wondered what it means? Well, you know how we go on vacations to blow off some steam from the daily hustle-bustle of life? It is the digital equivalent of that. If you were to suggest the safest digital cleanse technique for Telegram, what would you say? Many users have voted to uninstall the app, but does it really work?

if i uninstall telegram will i be removed from groups

Is there any permanent loss in the process? If these questions have crossed your might, you’ve reached just the right place to find their answers. Stick with us till the end to learn more!

What happens when I uninstall Telegram?

Before much further ado, let’s get to the matter at hand right away. You’re here to learn about the consequences of uninstalling the Telegram mobile app from your smartphone, aren’t you?

We understand and are, therefore, going to talk at length about some possible changes that might greet you when you return to the social media platform. Let’s get started, shall we?

Question #1: Will it delete your account from the platform’s servers?

This is a question a large number of users have asked us time and again whether uninstalling Telegram will delete their account altogether, and our response has been the same every single time: No.

As you might already be aware, there’s a particular setting on Telegram that you can use to delete your account from the platform’s servers: it’s called deactivating your account.

What you need to keep in mind moving forward is that only the option of deactivating your account will delete it from Telegram’s servers and nothing else. Not even uninstalling the Telegram mobile app. Understood? Now let’s move forward.

Question #2: Will others be able to see my profile on Telegram?

What your profile looks like to others when you’re gone is an important concern for many, which is why we’re going, to be honest with you. There are only two reasons why others might not be able to see your Telegram profile: you’ve either blocked them or deleted your account.

These reasons alone can hide your profile’s visibility from other users and not the uninstallation of your app.

Question #3: Will it erase all the older chats and media files from your account?

There’s a common myth that every time you delete the Telegram app from your device, it’ll take with it all your older chats and media files as well. In other words, when you re-install the app and log into your account, you’re probably going to find it empty. This myth, although untrue, finds its roots in yet another belief: that your account data is saved as a cache.

Because some users think that their app cache contains all their data, when it gets deleted with the app, it’ll erase all those files as well. But the truth is, these chats and media files are saved on Telegram’s cloud servers; this is why the deletion of your mobile app has no impact on these.

Sure, some media files might disappear from your smartphone when you delete the app, but you can always re-download them when you re-install Telegram without any fuss.

If I Uninstall Telegram Will I be Removed from Groups?

So far, we have been helping you catch up on all the changes that uninstalling the Telegram app could invite. Now, it’s time for us to explore the possibility that has driven you all the way here: the impact of uninstalling your account on your groups.

You’re wondering if, upon uninstalling the app, you’ll also be thrown out of the groups you’re currently a member of, aren’t you? Well, this reassuring news will calm you down a little, but just like we mentioned earlier, Telegram won’t remove you from groups just because you chose to uninstall the app. Just like it won’t erase all your chats.

These changes are to be expected only in case you’ve decided to deactivate your Telegram account, which is an irreversible change. Installing and uninstalling an app, on the other hand, are just mere actions you can perform as many times as you like without any serious repercussions.

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