What Happens if I Change My Telegram Number

Have you ever wondered how people must’ve lived in the 1800s when telephones weren’t invented yet? Or even in the 1900s, before handheld cellular mobile phones came into circulation? Think about how it would be if you couldn’t call your best friend when you entered high school. Or how you’d pass your time while your mother chatted with her friend at the grocery store. Doesn’t existing without a smartphone sound impossible today?

what happens if i change my phone number on telegram

Well, it certainly wasn’t back then. People talked to each other, socialized in large groups, and let us tell you without a doubt that there were almost no introverts. An introvert today is someone who’s on their phone and doesn’t like to talk much.

Introverts back then meant someone rude and arrogant and felt like is above everyone or someone who was dumb or unknowledgeable. It was certainly not cool.

Today, social media platforms are all about glamorizing one part of your life while hiding all the struggle and sweat. Needless to say, an essential feature of social media, texting your friends, is often overlooked.

However, there are separate apps like WhatsApp and Telegram to make up for it. We’ve got to take what we get, right?

In today’s blog, we’ll talk about what happens if you change your phone number on Telegram.

What Happens if I Change My Telegram Number

If you’ve ever had to change your phone number, you know what a hassle it is. Nowadays, it’s still more convenient with options to import and exchange, but there are still a few technical issues.

For instance, WhatsApp syncs everything with your new number, giving you no trouble. Are you wondering if the same is possible on Telegram? Or will all your data, chats, and profile get deleted?

Well, we like to be the bearers of good news, which is why we’re happy to say that Telegram won’t give you any hassle.

You can easily switch phone numbers on your Telegram account without losing your account data. Your chats, channels, groups, contacts, bio, username, and display picture will remain intact. You still won’t find the people who’ve blocked you, and the people you’ve blocked will be just as clueless.

You also won’t need to call all your friends one by one about this; your new number will be saved into their contacts automatically. Unless you don’t want that, in which case you can disable this feature, too.

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