Will Your Messages Remain After You Uninstall and Reinstall Telegram?

Social media platforms are one of our lives’ most entertaining online aspects. Connecting with friends and streaming relevant content is a super dynamic combo that every platform is trying to provide at this time. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat are among the top social media platforms today, and you’ll notice a common theme among them. All of these apps have the option to both chat with friends and check out strangers, which makes them much more enticing. But can you think of the real reason behind this?

will your messages remain after you uninstall and reinstall telegram

Well, you’re sure you guessed it correctly, but on the off-chance that you didn’t, these features ensure that all users have something to do. For example, think about Tinder. It’s an app about dating, so you won’t find many people there who don’t wish to date.

But Instagram is for socializing, yet you’ll see millions of users with blank profiles only to keep up with trends and binge-watch reels. Another thing you’ll notice is that niched platforms will never have as many users as Instagram and Facebook do.

The reason behind this is not what one would expect. People like to have the illusion of choice, and even in general, extroverts and introverts have different preferences. Telegram and Snapchat have the same application, but Snapchat is ahead because people can spend time there.

And at this point, you must be thinking about how much better Snapchat is, right? But the truth is, Telegram, Tinder, and WhatsApp will always be better than Snapchat because they serve an important purpose and don’t waste their users’ time.

There is nothing you need to do on Snapchat that you’ll otherwise suffer from.

So, take our suggestion and stick to the apps that are useful and save you time instead of wasting it. Today’s blog will discuss if your messages will remain after you uninstall and reinstall the Telegram mobile app on your smartphone.

Will your messages remain after you uninstall and reinstall Telegram?

Let us tell you right off the bat that regardless of how many times you delete and reinstall the Telegram app, your messages will be there. Don’t be scared of losing your messages because it just doesn’t make sense for something like that to happen. However, if you create a secret chat with someone, it will get deleted.

Don’t worry; we know you must be confused right now, but we’ll help you to the best of our abilities. Firstly, let us first tell you how you can delete a chat on Telegram since uninstalling won’t help you with it.

Here’s how to delete a chat on Telegram

Step 1: Open the Telegram mobile app; you’ll automatically be taken to your Chats tab.

Step 2: Long press on the chats you wish to delete.

Step 3: At the top, you’ll see a trash can icon next to a mute icon. Tap on it.

Step 4: On the Delete chat confirmation message, you’ll see a check box saying Also delete for [user]. Check it if you wish for that to happen; we recommend going with it.

What is a secret chat?

Let’s discuss secret chats. We all like privacy, or the idea of having privacy. Telegram helps you achieve that level of online safety by providing secret chats. When you activate this feature, you get many additional security perks, like a self-destructing timer and end-to-end encryption on the messages.

All the messages you send in secret chats won’t be saved on Telegram’s servers, and screenshots or forwarding messages are not allowed.

Of course, Telegram can’t downright prevent people from keeping track of your conversations. If this person whips out a professional old-school camera or even another smartphone device, nothing can be done.

So, even though you’ll get exceptional security using this feature, it’s best not to disclose any private data like this. But all this security comes at a cost. You cannot access your secret chats from any other device except the one it was started in.

This means that not only will you be unable to see those chats on your PC, but they will also disappear as soon as you uninstall the app.

If these conditions work for you, that’s great!

Here’s how you can create a Secret Chat on Telegram

Step 1: Open Telegram and go to the chats of the person you wish to start a secret chat with.

will your messages remain after you uninstall and reinstall telegram

Step 2: Tap their name at the top of the page to go to their profile.

will your messages remain after you uninstall and reinstall telegram

Step 3: Next, locate and tap on the three dots icon at the top right to make a drop-down menu appear.

will your messages remain after you uninstall and reinstall telegram

Step 4: Tap on the second from the last option there, and tap on Start on the confirmation message. Your invitation to them for joining this chat has been sent.

will your messages remain after you uninstall and reinstall telegram

To recapitulate

In the end, we’d like to go over what we’ve discussed.

Telegram is a great social media platform for people who like to get their work done quickly and efficiently. This is because you can’t do much there except chat with your friends; there’s no way to pass the time there.

And it’s great at providing exceptional privacy, too! For example, it won’t delete all your messages if you simply uninstall the app. No, they’ll remain there as long as they are normal chats. If you wish to delete a chat, you can do so with the help of our step-by-step guide.

But if you’ve been using secret chats, we’re sorry to say that uninstalling will delete the chats. As you can tell by the name, secret chats have been built for a specific purpose, and all attempts have been made to keep them impenetrable.

If you’ve been boggled by any of what we’ve discussed today, we’ll be glad to clear up some things for you; hit us up in the comments!

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