How to Know at What Time Someone Read Your Message on Telegram

Telegram’s rise to fame is not unknown in the instant messaging space, and we all know it. We all know how the app came and conquered people’s hearts, and it has certainly made their success do the talking. Now, we know all of us reading the blog have Telegram installed on our devices, isn’t it? Well, after all, the app is ruling hearts and minds!

know at what time someone read your message on telegram

However, some issues concern users, and we are here to answer one of them for you today. You must read on to know at what time someone read your message on Telegram!

How to Know at What Time Someone Read Your Message on Telegram

Do you ever message your professor about something on instant messaging apps? Now, you wait for them to read the messages or maybe fret over them because the matters are urgent.

There are different apps, and each of them differs slightly in features even though they serve the same purpose. We know WhatsApp has this feature where we know the exact time the messages get delivered and read, but how about Telegram?

Telegram users have this question, and we are sure you need the answers too! Let’s get straight to the point, then, shall we?

We hate to break your bubble, but there’s no way you can find the precise time someone read your message on Telegram. Unfortunately, there is no such built-in feature that supports this function.

Telegram allows you to check if the person has seen the messages, but that’s just that. And, if you are uncomfortable with the read receipts, there’s nothing much you can do.

There is actually no feature via which you can disable read receipts in the platform. Now the question is how we can know about the time someone reads our messages! Let’s discuss some workarounds available to bypass this restriction.

Check their last seen status on Telegram

You know that Telegram users can see when you were last active on the platform. They can also view your last seen status on the app.

Well, we have the option to turn the feature off, but not everyone disables it. You can look at the last seen status and have a rough idea of at what time someone read your messages on the platform.

Please check if their last seen and online status is enabled in the app. Do you know how to do this? You can simply head over to the target user’s chat and open it.

The last seen status is under their display names. For instance, you will see something like yesterday at 6:21 PM, or last see Aug 09 at 12:44 PM. You can also see a last seen recently status on their telegram chats. These messages give you an estimated indicator of when someone saw the messages.

While we are at it, we will also discuss how to change the platform’s last seen & online status. Thus, you have the option to play with your settings if you don’t feel comfortable about people seeing your last seen status and want your privacy.

Steps to change last seen & online status on Telegram:

Step 1: Please log in to your Telegram app on your phone.

Step 2: Do you see the three-line menu at the upper left corner of the chat interface? Please click on it to proceed.

know at what time someone read your message on telegram

Step 3: Navigate to the Settings option on the options menu and click on it.

know at what time someone read your message on telegram

Step 4: Go to the Privacy and Security option under the Settings category.

know at what time someone read your message on telegram

Step 5: Upon entering the next page, you must head to the Privacy category.

Step 6: Can you spot the last seen & online option? Click on it next.

know at what time someone read your message on telegram

Step 7: There are three options under Who can see my last seen time section. They are:


My contacts


know at what time someone read your message on telegram

Please tap on the Nobody option if you don’t want anyone to see this activity on the app.

Please note that there are options to Add exceptions where you can choose between Always share with and never share with options. You can add users for these categories if you want.

Remain active on the platform

We won’t say this is an amazing way to find out the time when a Telegram user saw your messages on the platform, but we can try it. You may have an idea about their last seen status now, right? You can simply wait for the one single green checkmark to turn into double checkmarks, and you know they have read the messages.

However, we say this approach might not be everyone’s cup of tea because we cannot sit and wait for them to read the messages on the app. People aren’t always too free to follow this method, and it’s understandable. Check out the other method we have highlighted for you below.

Ask them directly

Another way to know the exact time someone reads your Telegram messages is to be upfront about it. You should call the recipient if you can and ask them about it. Additionally, you can also message them on other social media platforms where you are connected with them.

We won’t say they can tell you the exact time either because not all of us check it. However, they may be able to give you a rough idea which is alright.

In the end

With this, we have decided to wrap up our discussion. So, let’s revisit and recap the topics we have explored in the blog, shall we?

The topic we addressed was related to Telegram. We discussed whether you could check at what time someone sees your messages on the platform. We have discussed a few ways for you to get guessed estimates, so make sure you check and follow them.

Hopefully, you have received the answers you were looking for. You can go ahead and check our website for more such tech-related content. Let us know what you think about it in the comments.

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