How to Know Who Added You on Snapchat by Phone Number

Ever since Snapchat was launched, this social media platform has been shrouded in mystery; mystery of disappearing chats and snaps, bitmoji profile pictures instead of real profile pictures, and so on. Although the platform has come a long way from there, it has still continued to maintain an air of secrecy, whether it be about sending snaps or other intricate features.

know who added you on snapchat by phone number

One important feature where most users feel stuck is the Quick Add section. Here’s where Snapchat suggests to users new people they may know and connect with. But that’s not all.

Another level of information provided in this section is how a certain user came to land in your Quick Add. In this blog, we’ll discuss this more elaborately, alongside clarifying how you can find out who added you to the platform by their phone number. Let’s get started!

How to Know Who Added You on Snapchat by Phone Number?

Without further ado, let’s answer the question that has been bothering you for this long: Can you tell who added you on Snapchat using your phone number?

Well, the answer to it is both YES and NO. Before you start getting confused, we’d like to clarify it for you. But first, let us ensure that we’re all on the same page about figuring out who added on Snapchat by using your phone number.

If, by “phone number” you mean whether they entered your registered mobile number in Snapchat’s search bar to look you up, know that it doesn’t work like that. The search bar of the platform is not designed to input phone numbers in order to produce relevant profiles as the output.

A more plausible explanation behind someone finding you on the platform using your phone number is that after saving your phone number, they find your profile showing up in their Quick Add suggestions.

Alternatively, they might intentionally add you through the All Contacts option provided right next to the Quick Add section.

Now, coming back to adding new people on Snapchat, there are several ways of doing that, besides Quick Add as well. We’ll briefly explore these methods below. Check it out:

Added by Username:

The most conventional method where the username already has your username and sends you a friend request on Snapchat using that.

Added by Search:

The search here is indicative of Snapchat’s search bar. If you don’t know someone’s Snapchat username, look them up using their real name, and send them a friend request, it’s through search.

Added by Snapcode:

In one of its recent updates, Snapchat has provided all Snapchatters a snapcode – a QR code with their bitmoji drawn in the middle – which can be shared and scanned to reach their profiles in an easier manner.

Added by Mention:

When someone discovers you on Snapchat after having come across your mention in the story uploaded by a mutual link and wishes to connect with you, that’s described as adding by mention.

Added by Contacts:

Last, but most importantly, comes Added by contacts. As mentioned earlier, when someone saves the phone number your account is linked within their phonebook, profile will show up in their IN MY CONTACTS list.

When they choose to send you a friend request from here, it’ll appear to you as added by contacts, which is the closest you’ll ever get to figuring out who has added you by phone number.

However, there’s a catch here as well:

You can only check by which method someone added you as long as their friend request is pending on your profile. This is because that’s the only stage where the Added by feature has relevance.

Once you’ve accepted their request, how the request came forward becomes history. If, after this point, you grow curious about how you two connected but can’t remember the answer, you can ask them about it as well.

How does Quick Add on Snapchat work?

If you’ve been paying attention so far, you’d have noticed how we ignored the Quick Add feature earlier. If you’re wondering why it’s because we were focused on resolving your query first.

Now that the task has been accomplished, we’d be happy to assist new Snapchatters with how it works.

Many users find Quick Add tricky because it isn’t as crystal clear as one would expect it, and here’s why:

There are several factors that influence the appearance of users under this list. We’ll take a look at them one by one below:

A mutual link:

The first and most likely reason behind someone turning up in this section is when they’re connected with users that are your friends as a mutual link.

Similar interests:

When two users have a similar kind of interest on the platform and follow similar accounts/pages, Snapchat assumes they could hit it off and thus sends their profile to your Quick Add.


If you’ve given Snapchat access to your location, it will also use your location data and suggest users you might have come across in the places where you frequent.

Do contacts from your phonebook also appear in the Quick Add section?

A question that many Snapchatters have used raised is whether or not can contacts from your phonebook appear in the Quick Add section. The answer: Yes.

So, if someone adds you by Quick Add, you’re going to have a tough time figuring out if they have your number or if they’ve found you in some other way.

In the end

With this, we’ve reached the end of our blog. The central topic of our discussion today revolved around adding new friends on Snapchat and its link to the user’s phone number.

In the course of the blog, we explored how you can figure out who added you to the platform using your phone number. We also explained how, after accepting a request, you can’t go back to check how the request was sent to you in the first place. So, the only other alternative that remains is to ask them directly.

Toward the end, we also discussed more about the Quick Add section and the factors that influence it on Snapchat.

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