How to Track Location of Someone’s Snapchat Account

Snapchat happens to be one of the most talked about social media apps that have gained huge popularity in recent years. Used mainly by the millennial as well as the teenagers to connect with friends, post stories, exchange snaps, and much more, the application also later came up with the interactive option of location sharing. This is known as the Snap Map. In case you need to know about the Snapchat Tracker, then here we are talking about it. The details are as mentioned below.

track location of snapchat account

It might look surprising, but you can actually get a number of ways to know the Snapchat location of the others. The Snap Map also comes quite useful there. This is the inbuilt location tracker that you can make use of now. There are some prerequisites for using this map.

  • The person you wish to track should be friends with you on Snapchat
  • They should have the GPS location turned on.
  • The live location should be shared by them.
  • If they use their Snapchat in the ‘Ghost’ mode then that cannot be tracked.

With this feature any user can make access. This is the reason that many of the users prefer using the dedicated tracking devices.

How to Track Location of Someone’s Snapchat Account

This process is easy for you when your friend has shared his location with you via the app. In that case, your option to follow them via the tracker would be quite easier. Their whereabouts would be easy for you to track as you will be keeping your eyes of that. The following steps are important in this matter.

At first you need to launch the Snapchat on the phone and stay on the home page. Then you need to just pinch out from the screen. This is will be the same gesture as you do when you zoom out from any snap.

When you do that then the Snap Map will start loading automatically on the screen. A Map overview will be on the display along with the number of bitmojis, each of which will represent each friend.

If you tap on the bitmoji of any of your friends then you will be able to know his or her location. The locations would be zoomed in and you will know the location precisely.

Other than that, you will also get the chance to search out any of your snapchat contacts through searching on the Snapchat and finding the person with his or her precise location.

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