How to See Who Viewed Your Location on Snapchat

Who Viewed Your Location on Snapchat: Snap Map is a recently launched location-tracking feature that gives Snapchat users an opportunity to track their friends’ location quickly. Users were quite upset about this function when it was introduced back in 2017.

who viewed your location on snapchat

Despite being a controversial feature, Snap Map became one of the most used options by Snapchat users. It gives you a chance to track your friends’ location as soon as they open the app. Similarly, you can allow your friends to see your location and know where you are.

After all, not everyone wants to reveal their location to a random person on this social networking site. Snapchat addressed these issues by improving the privacy settings. Now, the new privacy settings have allowed users to adjust the location-viewing function to their convenience.

You could turn the location on and make it visible to all your Snapchat friends or do not use the function at all. Either way, the Snap Map option is the ultimate tool for those who want to share their live locations with others while tracking location of someone’s Snapchat account.

One of the commonly asked questions concerning this function is definitely “how do you know if a friend or a random person has used this option to track your location”? In other words, is there any way you could know if someone has seen your location on Snapchat?

While there are many options available for users to track each others’ location, you don’t get a direct option to see who viewed your location. Before we go into the details, let’s take a quick glance at the Snap Map feature and the function it offers.

Basically, each user gets to choose one of the following privacy options:

  • Ghost Mode: If you have activated the Ghost Mode, you will be the only one who can view your location. Of course, you can change the privacy settings whenever you like, but the Ghost Mode is the safest way to turn on your location on Snapchat while keeping it private.
  • My friend: Those who choose the “My Friends” option can show their location to their close friends or the selected friends. Only the people you select will be able to see your location.
  • My Friends, Except: As the name suggests, this option will enable your location to those you have not excluded from the list of people that can track your location.

It is a perfect privacy option for those who want to hide their location from certain people while showing it to their close friends or family members on Snapchat.

It’s important to note that Snapchat saves all the Snaps you post on your stories and everyone who views your story will be able to see the location of your snap.

How to See Who Viewed Your Location on Snapchat

Unfortunately, there is still no way to see who viewed your location on Snapchat. Perhaps, the company may launch such a feature in the coming years. However, concerning the users’ safety and privacy, it is safe to say that Snapchat might never allow people to know who viewed their location.

Also, as you open the Snap Map, it is pretty common that you will be able to track the location of every Snapchat friend. So, it may get a little challenging for some people to know who viewed your location. Know that many people take a glance at the Bitmoji of your Snapchat, but that does not imply they viewed your location.

who viewed your location on snapchat

There is a good chance they must not be viewing anyone’s location or someone else’s location. That’s because when you open the Snap Map feature and slide your fingers on the map, the location of the user gets displayed. Your location is going to be displayed on the app for the next 5-6 hours. If you don’t open the app in this duration, it will automatically be erased from the app.

There are mainly two ways to check a person’s location on Snapchat, i.e. through their profile or Snap Map. If you can’t track the location, the person must have either disabled this option for you or they have not gotten active on the platform for the past 6 hours.

Snapchat may not allow you to view the number of viewers of your story, but it definitely has a function that enables people to know who tracked their travel journeys.

You can now know the number of people that know where you went and how far you have traveled. Then again, the feature is only available for those who have not turned the Ghost Mode on. If you have hidden your location from other Snapchat users, then it goes without saying that no one can track your location until you switch to the Friends or other modes.

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