Why Can’t I Find Someone on Instagram?

Instagram is a hotspot for finding your long-lost school friends, new classmates, and friends! Besides, you get to follow the business and brand accounts you dream of working with. The app has everything from a simple design to easy to search feature and more! But we have seen people recently complaining about how they cannot find someone on the app!

why can't i find someone on instagram

Now, they look for reasons but fail to point out what might have triggered this issue! Well, we know you are extremely confused right now, and for good reasons.

You have stumbled upon the right blog because we will discuss this topic in detail today. Hence, make sure you are ready to read the blog until the end to learn everything.

Why Can’t I Find Someone on Instagram?

Your friend finally gave you the username of your crush, and you are excited to send them a follow request on Instagram. But hey, why don’t they pop up once you search for them?

Now you are left wondering where you might have gone wrong or what restricted you from finding them on the app! Well, we believe there are quite a few theories that you should test in order to come up with a conclusion. Let’s check them out below!

They have gone against Instagram’s recommendation guidelines

You must know that Instagram is strict with its guidelines, and you cannot carelessly play around with it. They can outright suspend or ban you from the platform if they want!

If an account repeatedly posts content that goes against the platform’s recommendation guidelines, it may make it harder to find the account and the content that it posts. As a result, finding them in a location like a search or explore page is challenging.

This might be one of the reasons why you cannot find someone on the platform. Try to type in their username and scan through the results that pop up to find if that is true. You may need to go through the Accounts tab on the search bar to find the person.

They have changed their username on the platform

Have you been searching for them using their username on the app? What if they have changed it?

The app cannot bring up their accounts! You will instead get an unrelated account that has taken up the old username now!

We can change our usernames on Instagram, and you know it, right? According to Instagram, you will be able to change your username back to the previously used one if someone hasn’t taken it up already.

You should consider this possibility and see where you are doing it all wrong. You can ask your common friends or anyone who knows the concerned person about their current username and then find them.

They have blocked you on Instagram

Have you considered that the person might have blocked you on Instagram? Well, Instagram doesn’t notify you when someone takes this action, so you need to pick on the hints.

One of the few indicators that someone has blocked you is that you cannot find their account while trying to search for an account. Besides, there is no way you can see their profile image or post count if you somehow reach their profile.

Bonus tip: Are you sure you haven’t blocked the concerned person? Check your blocked accounts list and unblock them if you want to find them easily on the platform.

Instagram is down

Instagram’s servers crashing is real, and some of its features get genuinely affected when it goes down. There are times when you cannot do anything on the platform for a while!

Nothing on the app will load, which might make you frustrated. This might be one of the reasons you cannot find someone on the platform.

We must tell you that you need to find out when Instagram is down on your own because the app doesn’t notify you. People usually put a #Instagramdown status on their WhatsApp stories so you can easily become aware of it.

You can also check other social media platforms or Google them to find out. There’s nothing much we can do rather than sit and wait for the app to come back up to find someone!

You have turned off your internet connectivity

Instagram will never load if you have disabled your internet connectivity! No one is stopping you from using the search button, but the results won’t pop up until you turn on your wifi or mobile data.

If your internet is on at the time of finding someone, you can turn on airplane mode for a couple of minutes. Now, disable airplane mode and see if this trick worked.

You can also go to a network zone if your mobile has a poor network so the internet connection is steady enough to open Instagram.

They have deleted or deactivated their account

Are you sure the person you are looking for is still on Instagram? What if they have deleted to deactivated their Instagram account?

You must know that the deleted or deactivated Instagram account will never show up in the search results.

Go through their messages in the DMs and see if you see their display names there or if an Instagram user tag is present instead. Instagram user tag means they have either deleted or deactivated their account on the platform.

In the end

With this, we have decided to wrap up our discussion. Thus, let’s briefly discuss the topics we have discussed, shall we? We talked about why you can’t find someone on Instagram. We discussed a couple of possibilities, so you must see which one applies to you.

So, did you find the answer you were looking for in the blog? Don’t hesitate to comment down your thoughts for us to read.

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