How to Fix “This Story Is No Longer Available” on Instagram

Roughly five years ago, all of us were unaware of the concept of adding stories on our Instagram, the feature of adding any picture or video on your profile that would automatically disappear after 24 hours. Who could’ve imagined back then that something like this would be a hit among the Instagrammers?

this story is no longer available

Well, whoever was behind this idea was certainly a visionary because today, none of us could imagine Instagram without stories. Not only does this feature allow us to share our current updates more conveniently on the platform, but it also enables us to be more confident with what we share since it will only be up there for a day.

Additionally, we can also add to our stories someone else’s posts, quotes, or videos that we like and want to share with our followers, provided their account is public. In other words, you needn’t worry about filling your friends’ DMs with memes; you can simply add them to your story.

Moreover, Instagram also allows us to add a “close friends” option to our stories. In this feature, you can add all your close friends whom you want to see all your stories. And then, if you want to post pictures from a party nobody knows you went to or of your new tattoo, you can simply click on the green star, and you’re safe!

However, have you ever tried opening a friend’s story and had “This story is no longer available” displayed in front of you? Such a thing can be quite frustrating, particularly if you follow the person closely or are eagerly waiting for their stories.

Wondering what you could do to fix it? We’ll tell you. Stay with us till the end to learn all about what this error means and how you can fix it.

When Will You See “This Story Is No Longer Available” on Instagram?

Before we delve deeper into what you can do to avoid the “This story is no longer available” message on Instagram, let’s discuss why you might be seeing it.

There can be various reasons behind it, and we’re going to learn about all of them in this section.

this story is no longer available

1. The Story Could’ve Completed its 24-Hours Window

In many cases, it so happens that you view someone’s story once when it was visible. But when you come back later to view it again, you might find a “This story is no longer available.”

The most probable reason behind it is that perhaps the person’s story might have completed its 24-hour window on Instagram. Usually, as a story disappears, the ring around the user’s profile picture disappears along with it. But in case of a glitch, you might still be able to see that ring sometimes, but not the story.

this story is no longer available

If you’re lucky, that person might add the story to their highlights, and you can still check them on their profile.

2. The User Who Posted it Might Have Deleted it for Some Reason

It is not uncommon for us to upload a photo or video to our story and then have second thoughts about it. Thus, begins the process of overthinking; we keep wondering if it seems too braggy or what other people would think of it. And ultimately, we end up deleting the story.

this story is no longer available

If one of our followers had seen the ring around our pictures on Instagram earlier and come back to check what we have posted after a while, they are likely to see the “This story is no longer available” message.

If you doubt that this is what would have happened, you can even ask the person straight away if that’s the case.

3. User Might’ve Switched to Private Account

All Instagrammers follow various open accounts to see interesting content on their feed. Some follow the celebrities they admire to keep tabs on their lives, while others follow meme pages for hilarious, relatable content and stories.

If you were trying to view a story added by such an account and received the “This story is no longer available” instead, it could be because the user switched to a private account recently.

this story is no longer available

You can easily look up their account to confirm it. And if it’s indeed true and you’re still eager to be able to see the content they post, just send them a quick follow request.

4. The User Could Have Hidden The Story From You

Do you remember how we talked about the “close friends” option for limiting the audience of your stories on Instagram? Well, that is exactly how someone you follow could hide their stories from you. 

Ideally, if someone you follow chooses to hide their story from you, they have to do it beforehand, which means you will never know it existed in the first place.

However, if they thought of hiding their story from you after uploading it, they might’ve deleted it and then posted it again with the “close friends” setting on. In this case, the previously posted story will not be visible to you even if you had seen it just a couple of minutes ago.

this story is no longer available

5. The User Could Have Blocked You

Have you ever been blocked by someone on Instagram? While it is not the best feeling in the world, in some instances, it is inevitable. And it could also be the reason behind you not being able to view their stories.

Are you wondering why you can see their profile but not the story they had posted? Well, this can only mean that they’ve blocked you recently, within a couple of minutes, and you haven’t refreshed your profile after that.

this story is no longer available

To make sure that you’ve been blocked, you should refresh your feed and then look up their profile. If you find a “User not found” page, it will confirm your doubts.

6. Instagram Might Have Removed the Story for Violation

If the concerned person hasn’t blocked you and you still see the “This story is no longer available” message while trying to view their story, what else could it mean? While it might sound unlikely, Instagram removing their story is also a possibility you should consider.

Instagram has a strict policy about posting or sharing forbidden content on the platform. So, if this user had posted something that conflicted with Instagram’s policies, there might have been an intervention to remove it. This is perhaps why you cannot view their story any longer.

this story is no longer available

If the person who had posted the story is close to you, you can even ask them if that was the case.

7. An Instagram Bug Might be Causing It

Whenever we face an issue on a social media platform, we’re quick to blame our devices or WiFi for it. However, it is important to keep in mind that the glitch could be on the part of the platform as well.

Although these platforms run efficiently with many brilliant heads working behind them, even those geniuses are humans and can make mistakes. The errors on their part can lead to different kinds of bugs on the platform that might be interfering with its smooth operation.

this story is no longer available

Such a bug on Instagram might also be causing you to see the “This story is no longer available” message while trying to view someone’s story.

Is There a Way to View Story That Isn’t Available on Instagram?

While all of us lead busy lives today, it is not uncommon to feel consumed by the desire to see a story you can no longer access at times. However, if you think you can use a trick to do so, you’re wrong. Such a thing is impossible on Instagram; the platform takes its security seriously.

Any content we share here, be it in a DM, our feed, or stories, is saved on the Instagram server. But once we delete it, it’s deleted from there as well, leaving no room for any loophole.

So, if you want to see a story that is no longer available on Instagram, you have two choices. The first one is to hope that the user might’ve added it to their highlight, making it permanently present on their profile for you to check out.

And if they haven’t done that, you might have to ask them for it in person. We highly doubt you will do that, which means you’re out of options.

Final Words:

Everyone who’s active on Instagram will agree that not being able to view someone’s story can be annoying at times. While some of us would give such a thing up right away, others might be more curious as to why it happened in the first place. This blog is to help all Instagrammers that belong to the second category.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with a way out of this. However, there are a few tricks that you can use to deal with it, and all of them have been mentioned above.

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