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Instagram This Story is Unavailable: Roughly five years ago, all of us were unaware of the concept of adding stories on our Instagram, the feature of adding any picture or video on your profile that would automatically disappear after 24 hours. Who could’ve imagined back then that something like this would be a hit among Instagrammers?

this story is no longer available

Well, whoever was behind this idea was certainly a visionary because today, none of us could imagine Instagram without stories.

Not only does this feature allow us to share our current updates more conveniently on the platform, but it also enables us to be more confident with what we share since it will only be up there for a day.

Additionally, we can also add to our stories someone else’s posts, quotes, or videos that we like and want to share with our followers, provided their account is public.

In other words, you needn’t worry about filling your friends’ DMs with memes; you can simply add them to your story.

Moreover, Instagram also allows us to add a “close friends” option to our stories. In this feature, you can add all your close friends whom you want to see all your stories. And then, if you want to post pictures from a party nobody knows you went to or of your new tattoo, you can simply click on the green star, and you’re safe!

However, have you ever tried opening a friend’s story and had “This story is no longer available” displayed in front of you?

Such a thing can be quite frustrating, particularly if you follow the person closely or are eagerly waiting for their stories.

Wondering what you could do to fix This story is no longer available?

We’ll tell you. Stay with us till the end to learn all about what this error means and how you can fix it.

How to Fix This Story is Unavailable Instagram

As we discussed in the last section, as long as the story that disappeared isn’t your own, there’s very little you can do to fix it. Following are some tricks you can try, but keep in mind that there’s no certainty these will work.

1. Refresh Your Feed

If you’re seeing the “This story is no longer available” message because the user might’ve deleted it or blocked you, you can find it out by refreshing your feed. Once you do so, you’ll either find that they’ve added no story at all or that their account is no longer accessible to you. In the latter case, it means that you’ve been blocked for some reason. Either way, you can move on from it in peace now.

2. Log Out of Your Account and Log In Again

Do you think that the reason behind the “This story is no longer available” message is an error on Instagram’s part? Many Instagrammers have confessed that logging out of their accounts and then logging back in fixes these issues. If you think that’s a good idea, there’s no harm in trying.

Here’s how you can:

  • Open Instagram and log in to your account.
  • Tap on your profile icon.
this story is no longer available
  • Click on the Three Line Icon at the top of the screen.
this story is no longer available
  • Find the Settings option and click on it.
this story is no longer available
  • You’ll be directed to the Settings page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and tap on the Log Out option.
this story is no longer available
  • Once you select it, you’ll get the choice to remember your log-in details. Pick your preferred option, and then continue to log out of your account.
this story is no longer available
  • You’ll automatically be redirected to Instagram’s sign-up or sign-in page, wherein you can fill in your username and password details and log back into your account.
this story is no longer available

This should fix the bug issue with Instagram. In case it doesn’t, you can go ahead and follow the last solution.

3. Report it to Instagram

If you think an Instagram bug might be creating issues for you, the best way to solve it is to reach out to Instagram and tell them about your grievance. It will take you only a few minutes to do this.

  • Tap on Settings on your profile.
  • On the Settings page, you’ll find the Help option. Click on it.
  • It will give you four other options; the last one would be Report a Problem.
  • When you select it, you’ll be directed to a page where you can type what issues you’re facing and attach a screenshot alongside if you think it would be helpful.
  • Once you’re done explaining your troubles with the platform, you can hit Submit and let them solve it for you.

Can You See a Story That is Unavailable on Instagram?

While all of us lead busy lives today, it is not uncommon to feel consumed by the desire to see a story you can no longer access at times. However, if you think you can use a trick to do so, you’re wrong. Such a thing is impossible on Instagram; the platform takes its security seriously.

Any content we share here, be it in a DM, our feed, or stories, is saved on the Instagram server. But once we delete it, it’s deleted from there as well, leaving no room for any loophole.

So, if you want to see a story that is no longer available on Instagram, you have two choices. The first one is to hope that the user might’ve added it to their highlight, making it permanently present on their profile for you to check out.

And if they haven’t done that, you might have to ask them for it in person. We highly doubt you will do that, which means you’re out of options.

Final Words

Everyone who’s active on Instagram will agree that not being able to view someone’s story can be annoying at times. While some of us would give such a thing up right away, others might be more curious as to why it happened in the first place. This blog is to help all Instagrammers that belong to the second category.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with a way out of this. However, there are a few tricks that you can use to deal with it, and all of them have been mentioned above.

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