Instagram Request Goes Back to Follow? (Why & How to Fix)

It is no secret that Instagram is THE social media platform of the present. It might not have as many users as Facebook or YouTube, but those who use it consider themselves somewhat of an elite group. While a large number of Gen Z users discard Facebook as the elderly’s social spot, they keep Instagram in quite a high regard and are consistently active on it.

instagram request goes back to follow

And it’s not a one-sided love either! This social media platform has recognized its target audience and works continually to bring new features and reforms that benefit them. It is this symbiotic relationship that keeps Instagram in high demand all the time.

There are many Instagrammers out there that enjoy making new friends on the platform, and it makes sense, too. After all, the whole concept of the digitalization of social relies on people meeting each other online, making new friends, and diversifying their network.

But does friend-making turn out to be a successful process every single time? Well, while some people might have it easy, not all of us are that fortunate. There are instances when your attempt at friendship might not be reciprocated in the way you thought, both in the real as well as online world. So, what do you do in such a situation? That’s exactly what we’re here to talk about.

Requested Button on Someone’s Instagram Profile: What does it mean?

Before digging deeper into the actual problem, let’s clear our bases first. To begin with, we must decode what the Requested button means on Instagram. 

First things first: Where do you see the Requested button on Instagram? The only place you’re likely to see it is on the profile of a person to whom you sent a follow request.

Are you familiar with the process of sending a follow request on Instagram? In case you didn’t, it involves landing on their profile, navigating the blue Follow button that’s placed under their display picture and bio, and tapping on it.

As soon as you tap on the button, it gets replaced by a grey button that says: Requested.

And what does this button mean? It means that your follow request has been sent to this person, but they haven’t taken any action against it so far. We’ll talk about what actions they could take in the next section, but here, let’s focus on what you should do when you see the Requested button.

You have three choices here. First, you can patiently wait for them to take action. If that seems difficult or frustrating to you and you know this person beyond Instagram, you can ask them about it as well. Lastly, if their acceptance of your request doesn’t mean much to you, you can also withdraw your request altogether. All you need to do is tap on the Requested button, and it’ll change back to Follow.

Why Instagram Request Goes Back to Follow?

In the last section, we learned how withdrawing a follow request works. The process is fairly simple and results in the Requested buttonchanging into Follow button.

But what if this change happened without your knowledge? If you didn’t withdraw your request but are still finding the Requested button changed into Follow, what could that mean?

Well, we hate to break it to you, but if the Requested button on the profile of the person you wanted to follow has changed to Follow without your interference, it might not be a good sign. But before you give up hope, explore all the following possibilities and think long and hard about which one could be happening to you

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