5 Best iPhone Location Tracker

As the name implies, the iPhone location tracker works by tracking someone’s location according to GPS or other technologies, And since now we’re going to specifically choose an iPhone, then the account that will be tracking is a personal iPhone account.

You see, there are several ways you can know someone’s location. There are too many examples to mention. However, using an iPhone tracker by number remains the best method. So if you want to try to use this method, take a look at some of them:

1. Scannero

If you want to know how to track a phone number on iPhone in a good way, this app is just for you. Scannero is really unique. You don’t even have to install anything in order for it to work.

Instead of using a data package, the app will be using links that can be shared with the target phone. Once the steps are successful, then you can basically “hack” into someone. Aside from location tracking, which you can use to locate iphone by phone number, you can also use the screen recorder.

2. mSpy

If you want to know about a spy app that can deliver an excellent iphone number locator, it’s mSpy. It’s never wrong with mSpy. This reputable app has been used by many people as a way to monitor someone.

mSpy offers great location tracing thanks to its advanced GPS technology that can detect someone’s location more accurately. But aside from that, you can also see the other notable features, like the ability to see social media chats, for example. That way, you can basically know everything inside the target phone.

Seeing private conversations and seeing the calls log is also one of those things you can do with mSpy.

2. Eyezy

So, is there a good way how to locate an iphone by phone number? Yes, and it’s called Eyezy. Eyezy actually works in a similar way as the mSpy we just mentioned above. Aside from the location tracking feature, this app does have other capabilities, such as the screen recorder, which you can use later to catch some evidence or something that seems unusual and alarming to you.

4. PanSpy

So how to track a phone number on iphone? One of the best solutions is to use an app called PanSpy. With this app, you can remotely access all the necessary actions, including call recordings and call rejection, and see all the contact lists from the target phone.

With the app, you can also easily look for other useful info, such as calls, emails, and social media apps. Track iPhone location is also possible in this app.

5. Highster Mobile

The last solution is an iphone tracker by number using Highster Mobile. The app works similarly to the usual spy apps, which monitor chats, messages, calls, and social media activities of the target phone.

However, this app also has GPS location tracking that’s highly praised for its accuracy. There’s also the live control panel, which is basically the dashboard where you can see all the necessary information.


Tracking someone’s location, especially on social media, is actually not that hard. Most social media today have the feature of iphone number locator, so people will easily find the place rather than asking for it manually.

However, if what you need is comprehensive tracking functions, then the spy apps are your best bet. Most of them are already equipped with great technologies to do so. So you can track and monitor someone’s location as easily.

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