If I Unfollow Someone on Instagram Will They See My Posts?

From connecting people from all parts of the world to opening up countless marketing and networking opportunities, the scope of Instagram is endless today. But while many creators, marketers, and businesses are using the platform to make it big in their careers, there are also users who use it solely for entertainment and can be quite bothersome to those whom they follow.

if you unfollow someone on instagram can they still see your posts

Have you ever come across such a user on the platform? If you have, we bet it isn’t easy for you to respond to their pointless comments or DMs every now and then. In some cases, even letting them access your posts and stories can feel icky.

So, why don’t you get rid of them online altogether? Confused about how that’s done? Will unfollowing them help? In today’s blog, we’ll attempt to answer all these questions and help you find a safe path away from such bothersome Instagrammers. Let’s get started!

If I Unfollow Someone on Instagram Will They See My Posts?

If you’re here with the question of whether someone can see your posts after you’ve unfollowed them, we believe your concept of the unfollow action on Instagram isn’t clear. Don’t worry; it’s not a problem you need to lose sleep over. It’s a common misconception, and we’ll be glad to clear it out for you.

When you unfollow someone on Instagram, it means that you’ve stopped following their profile on the platform. As a consequence of it, you will stop seeing their posts, stories, reels, and other updates.

However, it doesn’t accomplish the task of preventing them from seeing your posts or any other content you upload on the platform.

Wondering how that can be done? Find out in the next section!

How to Stop Someone from Seeing Your Posts on Instagram

In the last section, we learned about what the unfollow action actually does on Instagram. So, if you’ve tried using it to prevent others from seeing your posts in the past and failed to achieve it, you now know why that happened. 

But let’s let bygones be bygones. Moving forward, we’d like to help you do what you wanted to in the first place. Only the process is going to be different this time. 

To ensure that someone can’t see your posts, you need to remove them from your followers list in place of unfollowing them.

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