CGPA to Percentage Calculator & Converter for Mumbai University (MU)

CGPA to Percentage Calculator for MU: The CGPA to Percentage calculator for Mumbai University by iStaunch is simple and easy to use tool that allows students to calculate their percentage under Mumbai University rules.

Most colleges and universities use CGPA to determine the student’s performance at the end of every semester, especially the University of Mumbai.

If you want to convert CGPA to percentage under Mumbai University rules, then you’ll love this calculator.

Sound’s good? Just check it out.

CGPA to Percentage Calculator for Mumbai University


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What is CGPA?

CGPA (Cumulative Grade Points Average) is a grading system used in the educational institutions, which define as an average of grade points of all subjects excluding the additional subject as per rules.

It shows the grades from A to E which fall into a different range of percentages.

cgpa to percentage for mumbai university
CGPA To Percentage

How to Convert CGPA to Percentage for Mumbai University

To convert CGPA to Percentage for Mumbai University, just multiply your CGPA with 7.1 and add 11 in the result that will give us the percentage. For example, if your grade score is 8.5 CGPA, then the percentage will be (7.1*8.5)+11=71.35%.

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One comment on “CGPA to Percentage Calculator & Converter for Mumbai University (MU)

  1. According to my marksheet (the rough range of conversion given behind it) my cgpa 8.10 should fall in between 70.00 – 74.99; but this formula given by mumbai university gives me just 69%… which to believe??

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