How to Verify Email Address Without Sending Email for Free

Emails are one of the oldest ways of online communication. They precede WhatsApp and Facebook; they are older than Snapchat and Instagram. Emails are older than most forms of communication we use on the internet. And still, they are one of the most abundant as well.

verify email address without sending email

The omnipresence of emails spreads far beyond that of any social media platform. After all, a person might not use any social media platform, but if they use the internet, they must have an email address. This is why email marketing still remains one of the best ways to generate leads for your business online.

However, emails come with one major drawback– you cannot verify an email address’s authenticity without sending an email. This is a real problem because you don’t want your emails to bounce back due to an undeliverable email address.

If you want to deal with this problem, you have already taken the first step by coming here; leave it to us now. We will guide you through the best ways to verify an email without sending it. It’s going to be an interesting blog, so make sure to read it till the end.

How to Verify Email Address Without Sending Email

1. Start With Checking the Syntax

Email addresses have a well-defined format, and it’s important for you to be able to identify email addresses that just don’t look right. If you have just a few email addresses to verify, your first step should be to check if it looks like a valid address. Here are the things to look out for:

  • Every email address consists of three parts: 
  • a username that comes before the ‘@’ sign; 
  • the ‘@’ sign; 
  • the domain name (such as,,, and so on)

If an email address lacks any of these parts, remove the address right away.

  • An email username can contain letters, numbers, and special characters such as underscore (_), plus (+), period (.), etc. However, Gmail usernames cannot contain an ampersand (&), equals sign (=), underscore (_), dash (-), comma (,), plus (+), or brackets (<>).
  • An email address cannot start or end with a period.
  • Periods cannot appear consecutively more than once anywhere in an email address.

If you want to verify only a handful of email addresses, this method might prove to be useful for a start. Of course, just checking the syntax isn’t enough– you still need to verify the address. To verify bulk email addresses, you need to take the help of Email Verification Tools.

2. Check Out These Tools to Verify Emails

Email Verification Tools are the best way to move forward if you want to verify emails in the simplest way possible. These tools use various complex technical verification methods– such as server pinging, DNS lookup, and MX lookup– as well as their own database to validate email addresses.

Here are some popular and trusted verification tools that offer free and premium services:


ZeroBounce is an excellent email verifier tool to verify the existence and deliverability of email addresses. 

The paid plans come in two formats. Pay As You Go allows you to pay once for a fixed number of email credits, and a Monthly subscription gives you monthly credits at a better price. You can go to ZeroBounce’s pricing page to know all the details about the plans.

Salient features of ZeroBounce:

  • 98% accurate
  • 100 free monthly credits for Freemium Plan
  • Provides name and geolocation details, when available

You don’t even need to register to verify a single email. Go to, enter the email address in the box, and click Verify. You will get the result as Valid or Invalid.

To verify bulk emails, you need to sign up on the website, buy a subscription, and upload your mail list as an XLS, XLSX, CSV, or TXT file.

This is another tool you can trust if you want to get accurate verification results. integrates several established validation techniques such as domain verification, SMTP validation, and MX Record lookup into a single tool that verifies email addresses for you and protects you from spam traps and disposable email addresses.

You can verify an individual email address on without signing up. Just follow this link and enter the email address. Click on Validate to get the result. You also get access to 100 free credits on signing up.

If you have a longer email list, you can opt for the One Time or Subscription plans. The complete pricing details can be found here.


Mailfloss is a versatile email verifier that finds invalid email addresses and removes them from your mail list. It has partnered with leading email service providers such as MailChimp, HubSpot, ConvertKit, AWeber, and many more.

If you want to pull down your bounce rate and increase your click-through rate, Mailfloss is one of the best options available. The best part? It is as accurate as the other two platforms we talked about but is much more affordable.

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