How to Know if Someone Hides Story from You on Facebook

Facebook users can post a story anytime, but whether their friends or non-friends can view it depends on the story creators. They can successfully hide it from you by manipulating the privacy settings of the story.

know if someone hides story from you on facebook

These settings frequently pique our interest, and we wonder how to determine if someone is hiding a story on Facebook. Why don’t you visit our blog to learn more about the subject if you have the same curiosity?

How to Know if Someone Hides Story from You on Facebook?

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t have a feature that alerts you if someone hides a story from you. We’ll tell you about several workarounds that might help you confirm your concerns.

Ready to know about them? Look through the parts below.

Method 1: Sign up for a dummy Facebook account

Go to Facebook and sign up for a new account if you wish to check whether the person has hidden their stories from you. Remember to keep your account details fake to not get caught red-handed.

Opt for a fake profile picture, and don’t give out your real phone number or email address for people to discover you. Now, note this method works under two circumstances: the target user’s story is public, or they accept your friend request. Viewing their story will be difficult if you can’t check mark either of these two boxes.

Method 2: Check their story posting frequency

What gave you the impression that your closest friend was keeping their stories from you? Did they constantly flood their story area with stories before stopping all of a sudden? Well, it’s one clear sign that you’re not allowed to see it, but it’s best to get further confirmation if the explanation concerns how frequently they post stories.

Method 3: Ask a mutual friend

Do you share friends on Facebook with the target user? You could get fortunate here since our pals are all connected online these days.

You may ask your buddy if they have access to the target user’s account’s stories. You are certainly prevented from accessing their story if they confirm it. Just ask a friend you have in common to send you their story over a message if you want to view it.

Method 4: See if you’re blocked

You can see people frequently block one another on social media. The same may be said for Facebook.

We all are aware that blocking restricts many activities, which includes why you are unable to view someone’s story. Facebook doesn’t notify you when someone blocks you! However, a few obvious signs suggest you’ve been blocked, which we’ll go through below.

Sign 1: You can no longer view their profile on Facebook

Try searching for the target user’s profile using the platform’s native search bar. You could have been blocked if they didn’t show up in the results even after scrolling down. Verify it with the other common Facebook users since, occasionally, people delete their accounts, and we interpret it as a block.

Sign 2: You cannot invite them to Facebook groups

We create Facebook groups to organize our chats and bring all our friends under one roof to smoothen the conversation flow. You must invite members if you’re the one who created the group, but you cannot send an invite to someone if they have blocked you.

So, try asking the individual you’re suspicious about to correctly verify this indication. If they confirm, there is your answer.

Sign 3: Check a mutual friend’s profile

Having mutual friends on Facebook is indeed a blessing in disguise. You can verify whether the target person is included in their friend list by selecting the “see all” option on their profile.

You are not blocked if you can view their profile. If you’re unable to view them, though, they may have blocked you or deleted the account. If this sign doesn’t help, see the other one below.

Sign 4: You cannot tag them or send them a message

Tagging each other on posts is a common occurrence on social media apps like Facebook. But this feature also helps to prove whether someone has blocked us on the platform.

Try tagging the individual if you wish to confirm whether you are blocked! If you are unable to, then perhaps you are blocked. Moreover, sending a message to someone who blocked you is impossible too.

Method 5: Be upfront about it

Head over to the chat box and scroll to your conversation thread with the target user to ask the person directly. Send them a quick greeting and start a conversation about unimportant issues before you get to the point.

You can ask them why they excluded you if they acknowledge that they left you out of their story. We will advise you to leave them alone if they don’t want to respond.

In the end

That’s a wrap, folks; we have neared the end of our discussion. Let’s review the key points in the blog.

We addressed how to know if someone is hiding a story from you on Facebook. We covered five ways to determine if someone is hiding their story, so check each one to figure out the truth.

Comment down your thoughts on the blog below. And do you want to learn about more Facebook story-related topics? You can look them up by visiting our website.

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