How to Know If Someone Deleted Your Number on Telegram

Having someone delete your number is, in many ways, the digital equivalent of them stopping to talk to you. Why else would you consciously open your phonebook and delete that particular contact? It makes no sense, right? We’re here to talk about the deletion of one’s phone number and the changes it brings forth on social media, with Telegram being the platform that will be the subject of our discussion today.

know if someone deleted your number on telegram

If you’ve ever struggled with the question of whether or not someone deleted your number on the platform, take this ride with us to learn how you can figure it out!

Is it possible to figure out if someone deletes your number on Telegram?

We understand that you’re here to figure out if someone has indeed deleted your number on Telegram. But before we get to that, we have to ensure whether or not such a thing is even possible on the platform.

To be honest, there are many actions that are easily predictable on Telegram. Take blocking someone, for instance. Designed to sever the ties between two online users completely, this action brings about changes that are easy to observe. But is deleting someone’s number one such change? Not really.

However, you’ve gotten lucky today since we bring to you some quick tricks hidden up our sleeves. Are you ready to get started with these? Perfect!

How to Know If Someone Deleted Your Number on Telegram

In this section, we’re going to talk about three quick tricks that can help you determine if someone has deleted your phone number from their Telegram. While two of these can be done on the platform itself, the third one – the most sureshot trick so far – involves a different platform.

Let’s get started!

Trick #1: Have you checked their profile picture recently?

In an attempt to ease you into the process, we’re going to start easy. We have a little task for you to begin with. You need to launch Telegram on your phone and scroll through your chat list until your chat with this person – who you think could have deleted your number – comes up.

Once you find their chat, tap to open it in full view. Now, towards the top left corner of your screen, right next to their name (as saved on your device), you can see a circular thumbnail.

Is there a picture filled inside, or do you see a blank screen in its place? Because the latter could be the indication that your number no longer exists on their Telegram.

Trick #2: Try sending them a message on Telegram!

While the first trick is effective, there is one sliver of a chance that this person has removed their profile picture intentionally, isn’t there? After all, doing such a thing is not unheard of on social media, be it WhatsApp, Facebook, or Telegram.

Can you live with the guilt of not being sure whether the missing picture is a coincidence or a sign? Because there’s another trick to further cement your suspicions.

This one involves sending them a message. It has been claimed that when a user is not in your phonebook, they can’t see your seen stamp on the Telegram messages they send you either.

To confirm this, all you need to do is send them a text and wait for the seen stamp to appear. But don’t panic in the process; give it at least a day before you reach a conclusion.

Trick #3: Are you connected with them on WhatsApp?

While both instances we discussed above are indeed signs of your number having deleted your number, they can point toward a number of other consequences as well. However, if this person is also connected with you on WhatsApp, we have a way to get a definite answer for you, and here’s how it works:

If you’ve chatted with them on WhatsApp, sending them a broadcast message will confirm whether or not they’ve saved your number.

Wondering how? Because of this rule of WhatsApp broadcast messages: they’re only sent to people who have saved your number to their phonebook.

While this measure was taken to prevent users from getting irrelevant broadcast messages, it can work just as well in your case as well. Here’s a guide you can use for assistance:

Step 1: Open your WhatsApp mobile app, and from the Chats tab you land on first, locate the three dots at the upper-right corner.

Give it a tap when you find it.

know if someone deleted your number on telegram

Step 2: On the menu that appears on your screen next, find and select the New Broadcast Message option.

know if someone deleted your number on telegram

You will now see a list of all those of your contacts who are on WhatsApp. Find the person you want to know about on this list and select their name.

But since it’s a rule of broadcast messages, you’d also need to add at least one other contact to this list.

For this, you can choose anyone you frequently chat with on WhatsApp. You needn’t worry because WhatsApp doesn’t show other users your broadcast message list.

Step 4: When you’re done with the selection, tap the Check Mark at the bottom right to create the broadcast list.

 know if someone deleted your number on telegram

Step 5: You will find yourself on the chat screen of the broadcast list. Type any message, such as a Hi and hit send.

know if someone deleted your number on telegram

Now that the message has been sent, you need to go and check the ticks on these messages. If you still see a single tick on this person’s message after a significant amount of time, it will mean that your number has been removed from their phonebook.

Trick #4: Be upfront about it.

We know we mentioned only three tricks above, so what is this fourth one all about? Well, we’re not including this one with other tricks because it’s not really a trick, just more of a suggestion.

If all of the aforementioned tricks didn’t seem to work for you, perhaps it’s a sign that you need to come clean with this person. Just think about it, if they had to cut you off from their lives – or even from Telegram – wouldn’t blocking you make more sense to them?

But seeing as they haven’t, there’s a very good chance that they might’ve deleted your number by mistake. And even if that’s not true, we’re sure they can have a perfect explanation for their deeds.

By asking them that upfront, you take not only the higher road but also get the answer to the question that has been haunting you for days now. Isn’t that a win-win?

In the end

As the time of our departure approaches, we’re here to part ways with concise takeaways of our learnings of the day.

We began by talking about the phenomena of deleting someone’s number from your device and its repercussions on social media; on Telegram, to be more precise. You’ll find several tricks included above to help you confirm whether someone has deleted your number on Telegram or not.

Is there something else on Telegram that you’re struggling with? Feel free to share your issues with us in the comments, and we’d be happy to resolve them.

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