How to Find Friends Who Never Like Your Posts on Facebook

From chatting with friends to scrolling through the never-ending posts on the feed, Facebook is many things. For some, Facebook is largely about sharing stories and posts regularly with friends. But for many of us, it’s all about checking the posts and stories of others. As a result, our expectations and experiences on the platform are shaped differently depending on how we use the app.

find friends who never like your posts on facebook

Take sharing posts, for example. If you like sharing posts regularly on Facebook, you would love to get likes and comments on those posts. And most likely, your friends are always there to like your posts regularly.

However, all friends are not the same.

Most friends are good enough to like, share, and comment on your posts. But some friends choose to avoid your post altogether. Forget sharing; these “friends” never like or comment on your posts.

You might not want these friends on your friend list. But to do anything about it, you first need to find out who these friends are, right? But is it even possible to do that? Let’s find out.

How to Find Friends Who Never Like Your Posts on Facebook

If you notice that despite having many friends, the average number of likes on your posts is too low, you can be sure that at least some of your “friends” never like your posts. But do you think you can find those “friends”? Well, Facebook says you can’t.

As you are already aware, you can easily check who has liked any of your posts anytime. But when it comes to finding out which of your friends have never liked your posts, there is no direct way.

You can possibly check your friend list and spot people who have not liked your posts in a while. Of course, this won’t be possible if you have a REALLY long friend list. In that case, there isn’t really an option.

To be clear, we won’t mention that you can go to each friend’s profile and see if they have ever engaged with your posts. It would take too much time, and that too just to know who doesn’t like your posts. At best, it will be a slow murder of your time; and we don’t want you to be a murderer.

Why don’t your friends like your posts?

Think of it this way: Everyone likes to have friends. Even if you think you are better off alone, having friends is always better. After all, we all need someone to share our happy and sad moments with. Besides our family, friends are often the only people we can count on for much of our lives.

As such, why would some of your friends not want to like your post? The reasons can be more than what might meet the eye. So, rather than trying to find out and unfriend the people who never like your posts, let’s try to find out “why” of it.

Reason #1: You have too many friends.

At some point in our Facebook journey, we have all been crazy over the number of our friends. Having many Facebook Friends might seem like a great thing at first, especially if you are new to Facebook.

But eventually, you will realize, “Does that really matter?” You will realize that the number of these “friends” is really nothing more than a number; that all these friends are just names on your friend list.

So, if you have people on your Facebook whom you don’t really know, you should know why they don’t like your posts: they don’t care.

Reason #2: You post too frequently.

Do you have a habit of sharing posts very frequently? We ask because this might be the very reason why many people don’t like your posts.

Well, it’s not your fault. And we don’t blame you. It might be just that seeing your posts too often doesn’t seem very interesting to some of your friends, and they find it better to scroll away from your posts.

Reason #3: Your inactive friends don’t use Facebook enough.

This is a common reason that doesn’t have to do anything with the content you post. It might be possible that some of your friends don’t use Facebook.

If they are not active on the platform in the first place, you can’t expect them to like your posts, can you?

Reason #4: They are looking for something else.

As we mentioned earlier, not all Facebook users are the same. Just as you use Facebook to post your photos and stories regularly, some people use Facebook for other reasons, such as chatting with actual friends or watching videos.

Given the platform’s versatility and ease of use, we can use it for a wide range of things. But then, we can’t expect others to use it in the same way, right?

Reason #5: It’s the algorithm.

In some cases, your friends might be completely innocent. The algorithm is one of the most mysterious things ever, and it works in myriad ways.

Many times, the algorithm doesn’t show your posts to some people, usually because of the lack of past interactions you have had with them. Maybe you two have never chatted before or have never engaged with each other.

Therefore, the person might never see your posts as the algorithm thinks you two don’t have much in common.

How can you make all your friends like your posts?

Did you know there is a simple trick to make all your friends– or at least most of your friends– like your posts?

It’s simple: Make real friends!

Instead of focusing on the number of your friends or sending and accepting friend requests to and from random strangers, try to make connections that actually matter. Because, in the end, real friends matter way more than dummy “friends” on Facebook.

Real friends will not only like your posts just for the sake of it; they will be interested in what you are up to.

Does it even matter?

We have talked a lot about likes and engagement from Facebook friends. But here’s the most important part we reserved for the end.

You are more than the sum of all the likes and comments you have ever got on all platforms. You are more than the things you say on social media. You are of far greater importance than any of the likes, comments, shares, or other metrics.

We hope you find peace with whatever engagement you get on your posts. Remember, it doesn’t matter as much as it might seem.

It’s time to like, comment, and share!

Facebook is a great platform to share your everyday happenings with friends. But sometimes, the less number of likes and comments on your post might make you think about the “friends” who never like your posts.

In this blog, we have talked about whether you can identify these friends and why they don’t like your posts. We also talked a bit about how you can make most friends like and comment on your posts.

On that note, it’s time for you to comment with your thoughts on our blog below. You can also share the blog on Facebook so more users know about the topic.

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