How to Know If You Are Blocked from Facebook Group

While Groups arrived on Facebook much later than on WhatsApp, the concept of this feature is different on both platforms. On WhatsApp, groups are merely group chats, while on Facebook, they’re more of a community interaction board where people can share their thoughts and ideas, and others can further discuss them. As you can imagine, the nature of Facebook groups is also much more open in comparison to WhatsApp groups. They’re generally more focused on the themes of their interactions than the people they have it with.

know if you are blocked from facebook group

And if you’re someone who enjoys a friendly banter of ideas with like-minded people, you see what appeal these groups can hold for you. In a survey, we found that the most active Facebook users spend the majority of their time online in these groups.

Suppose you’re an active member of one such group and wake up one fine day only to find that you no longer belong to that group. Did the group disappear overnight? Or were you kicked out? How to know for sure? Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s blog.

Let’s get started!

How to Know If You Are Blocked from Facebook Group

The feeling of being excluded from things is hands-down the worst in the world. Whether it was a family function you didn’t get invited for or a group party that was supposedly planned last minute, being left out sucks.

But what’s even worse is the anxiety of not knowing for sure. Say, if you were to be mysteriously removed from Facebook, you’d want to get an explanation, won’t you? At least you have a right to know whether you were blocked.

We understand your sentiments and are here to help you find absolution. Given below are three ways you can check if you were indeed blocked from this group. Check them out:

Trick #1: All the content of the group will be hidden from you.

As you must already know, all Facebook Groups have a separate page where all the group posts are located. In the case of an open Facebook group, the contents are visible to all Facebook users, whereas, in the case of a private group, you can only see it if you’re a member.

So, we ask you to open Facebook, go to this group’s page, and see if you can see their content. If you can’t, it could be because of two reasons: You’re either blocked or removed from the group.

Trick #2: The group will not come up in your search.

Now that we’ve narrowed it down to two possibilities, it’s time to sort further. Go to the search bar of your Facebook app, enter this group’s name in there, and hit search. Did their page show up?

If it did, it means that you were removed. But if it didn’t, it strongly suggests that you’ve been blocked. This is because all Facebook groups are searchable, whether you’re a member or not. In fact, that’s how people find and join new groups.

So, the reason behind not being able to find this particular group could be that you were banned or blocked from it.

Trick #3: You won’t be able to get an invite into the group.

This last trick involves you knowing a group member in real life, because you’d need their help for it. If there’s a fellow group member you trust, talk to them, asking them to send you an invite from the group.

Did you receive their invite? Or did it not come through? If the latter was the case, it confirms that you’ve been blocked from this group on Facebook.

How to unblock someone on a Facebook group? A step-by-step guide

We’re certain that by now, you must have figured out whether or not you were blocked from this group on Facebook. If the answer was affirmative, it only makes sense to enquire about it with the other group members. Perhaps it could have been a mistake.

If, upon bringing it up with a fellow group member, you do find out that it happened as a mistake, congratulations! Your problem just resolved itself!

Now, all you need to do is ask them to unban you; they’d probably be doing it by themselves by now. But if they’re unsure about how that’s done, you can also show them this step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Navigate Facebook’s icon in your device’s menu grid and give it a tap. It will launch the app on your phone.

As the app launches, you’ll find yourself on the home tab.

Step 2: Navigate to the bottom-most section of the tab; you’ll find a column of five icons arranged here.

The right-most icon on this column has a thumbnail of your profile picture, with Menu written below it. Tap on this icon.

know if you are blocked from facebook group

Step 3: You’ll find yourself on the Menu tab next. Here, below your username, you’ll find two categories:

Your shortcuts

All shortcuts

Step 4: In the latter category, options are arranged in pairs of two, and the Groups option is placed at the right side of the second row.

Give it a tap when you find it.

 know if you are blocked from facebook group

Step 5: On the Groups tab, you’ll find two sections:

Groups you’ve joined

Suggested for you

Under the Groups you’ve joined section, there will be a list of all the groups you’re currently a member of.

Find the group whose member you’re looking to unban and give it a tap.

Step 6: Next, you will find yourself on your group page. On the top of this page, right below the cover photo, you’ll find a Members option. Tap on it, and the list of all group members will open on the screen.

You’ll find the name of this person all the way at the bottom of the screen, with an unban option next to it.

Tap on this option, and they will be unbanned. You can now send them a fresh invite to bring them into the group.

Wrapping things up

As we approach the end of our blog, we’d like to leave you with some crisp takeaways from today’s learnings.

Our journey began by talking about Facebook groups and how they function; we discussed the varying natures of private and public groups and then moved on to being blocked from a group.

We’ve talked about three tricks that can confirm if someone has blocked you from a Facebook group, alongside the process of unblocking if you need to share it with a fellow member. Were we able to help solve your query? Let us know how we can do better in the comments section below.

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