If You Rewatch Someone’s Snapchat Story, Does Your Name Go to Top?

Did you know that of the countless social media platforms active on the internet today, Snapchat ranks 10th? This gigantic platform, which thrives on privacy, has over 600 million active monthly users. Even then, there are many nuances of actions on this platform that its users still struggle to understand. Perhaps that’s what adds an extra appeal to it; everyone is fascinated by things they don’t understand.

if you rewatch someone's snapchat story, does your name go to top

And while that charm might be adorable, the job of our blog is to decode it all for you, in the simplest manner. This is exactly what we’re here to do today.

In this blog, we’ll learn all about the viewer’s list of Snapchat stories and whether or not your name goes on top after rewatching them. Let’s get started!

How is the viewer’s list on Snapchat stories arranged?

We understand that your main concern today is whether or not does rewatching a story send your name on top of its viewer’s list, and we’ll answer your query soon. But before getting to that, wouldn’t you like to know how these lists are arranged?

As you already know, multiple social media platforms offer the story feature today; all of them have viewer’s lists as well. But not all of these lists function in a similar manner.

 For example, on WhatsApp, you’ll also find timestamps under the name of each viewer of your story; whereas on Instagram, there’s no such provision.

So, how does the viewer’s list on Snapchat stories work? How is it arranged? Contrary to popular belief of this list being arranged alphabetically, the Snapchat story’s viewer’s list is arranged reverse chronologically – in order of most recent to oldest.

In other words, the user who watched your story first will have their username displayed all the way at the bottom, and vice versa. Now, let’s proceed to address your main concern.

If You Rewatch Someone’s Snapchat Story, Does Your Name Go to Top?

When it comes to social media, none of us want to come off as stalkers or desperate in front of our peers; be it our college mates, colleagues, or the people we’ve met online. And it makes sense as well; the self-consciousness one feels about such things is only natural.

Take watching a Snapchat story, for instance. If someone has uploaded a story of their new laptop and they find you watching it several times, what would they think? Perhaps not much, but there’s also a likelihood of them judging you for the same.

But how will they be able to tell that you’ve rewatched it? Are there any obvious signs? We just learned in the last section that the viewer’s list on Snapchat Stories is arranged in a reverse chronological manner. But does that mean your name will appear on top of the list every time you rewatch their story? No, it doesn’t.

This is because Snapchat only registers the view of a particular user once. Their place in the list is quite static and remains unaffected by how many times they rewatch it. In other words, even if you rewatch someone’s Snapchat story, your name will not go to top. It will continue to stay at the spot first allotted to it until the story expires.

Is there a way for a user to check how many times someone has watched their Snapchat story?

Now that we’ve put to rest the fear that brought you all the way here, it’s time to address the elephant in the room; a question you’ve been thinking a lot about but are afraid to ask out loud:

Can someone tell how many times you watched their Snapchat story?

Well, it’s time for another piece of good news, because in this case, the Snapchat algorithm works in your favor. Wondering what we mean by that? Well, as we’ve mentioned above, Snapchat will only register your view on a story for the first time.

Once you’ve watched a story once and your username gets registered in its viewer’s list, the platform is no longer interested in keeping tracks of your further activity on it. In other words, it will not notify the user of your rewatches, be it 10, 100, or even 1,000 times. So, if the fear of being discovered for rewatching someone’s story has been crippling you, consider yourself liberated now!

Can third-party tools help one determine how many times their Snapchat Story has been watched by a single user?

We just discovered how Snapchat has no business telling users who watched their stories how many times. But what about tools outside of the platform? Can they help people with this particular action?

We’re talking about third-party tools. You must’ve come across many of those on the internet, helping you do stuff that’s usually difficult to accomplish on the platform. GB WhatsApp is a fine example of one such tool for WhatsApp.

So, is there any Snapchat third-party tool that could count the number of views on a story from individual accounts as well? While there are several apps that claim that they can do it, we’re telling you in advance that downloading them would be a waste of your time.

It is because none of them really accomplish what they promise. They possibly can’t because the data isn’t available on the servers of Snapchat in the first place.

Can you prevent your name from appearing on viewer’s lists of other Snapchatters’ stories?

Those of you who use WhatsApp might be aware of the Read Receipt feature of the platform. Here’s how it works:

Once you turn it off, your messages will no longer have blue ticks. Another benefit of this feature is that your name will not show up in the viewer’s list of other users’ statuses; similarly, you won’t be able to see who viewed your story either.

Recently, many of you have asked us about the presence of such a feature on Snapchat. We regret to inform you that, as of now, there is no concept of hiding your username from someone’s story viewer’s list. If Snapchat does introduce such a feature moving forward, we’ll be happy to share the news with you!

The bottom line

It’s now time for us to wrap our blog up. Before we take your leave, let’s quickly recollect all that we’ve learned above.

We began our discussion by understanding how the placement on the viewer’s list of Snapchat stories works. Then, we went straight to answering your question, declaring how rewatching a story on Snapchat DOESN’T send your name on top of its viewer’s list.

Moving forward, we also explored if users could figure out how many times someone watched their story, both on Snapchat as well as by using outside tools; the answer to both was NO.

If there’s something else you’ve been curious about regarding Snapchat, you could browse for its answer here. Keep visiting our website to learn more tidbits about social media!

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