What Does No Longer Under Consideration Mean on Amazon?

Pursuing a good job is part of almost every adult’s life. While finding a good job has never been easy, it is lately becoming increasingly easier than it was a decade ago. Apart from the right skills and communication, all you need to apply for a job is an internet connection and the knowledge of the right place to connect you with opportunities.

what does no longer under consideration mean on amazon

Amazon’s online job portal—called Amazon Jobs—is an excellent online platform enabling users to apply for jobs at Amazon itself. The website regularly posts job openings from a host of categories and provides everyone the option to apply for the job of their choice.

If you have been applying for jobs on this site for a while, you might have seen the message “No longer under consideration” under some of the openings you had applied to. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t explain the meaning of this message. So, we thought we should. Read on to know what this message means and what you should do if you see it.

What Does No Longer Under Consideration Mean on Amazon?

What do you expect once you apply for any job anywhere? Ideally, you are optimistic about getting selected for the applied position. In simpler words, you expect to get hired.

But not every job you apply for turns out to be your next job, does it? Sometimes, you are not a good fit for the job; other times, the position gets filled by someone else. Sometimes, you get rejected after the interview. You see, you can fail to get a job for many reasons.

The same situations are true on the Amazon Jobs portal. The openings you apply for are often not the best fit, and your application might be turned down due to a host of reasons.

How do you think Amazon communicates a rejection?

You guessed it right. They communicate a rejection by mentioning No longer under consideration under the application status. This message is Amazon’s way to say, “Sorry, you are not selected,” but in a more formal and unconventional way.

So, when you see this message on one of your applications, it’s just Amazon’s polite way of saying you won’t get the job.

But there is a twist:

Most of the time, the above message indicates a rejection, as explained above. However, there are cases when the message can mean the exact opposite. In other words, you can see this message when you have been selected for the job!

Confused? Let us explain.

Imagine you have applied for a position on the platform. You have not done anything. You just submitted the application form with your CV containing all your qualifications. In this case, if you don’t receive a reply from the recruiters and see the above message, it certainly means you have lost the opportunity this time. Most likely, your profile wasn’t a good fit.

Now picture this instead: You apply for a job and get a reply from the HR personnel. They ask you for the interview; you happily agree and perform great during the entire interview.

In the second case, if you see this message as your application status, it can also mean that the recruiters have selected you for the final round and, therefore, just selected this message to archive your application. In fact, you might also receive an offer letter in the next few days despite getting this message.

To sum up, this message can mean two opposite things. It depends on the stage of your job application and your performance. Sometimes, the message can also stem from a silly mistake on the other end.

The bottom line? Take the application status with a pinch of salt.

What to do if you see “No longer under consideration” on an application?

Considering the two cases we just discussed, you might get confused about the right approach to follow once you see this message. However, there is nothing to be confused about at all.

If you are trying to understand what this message might mean for you, the best thing to do is to start applying for other openings.

This would be the best next step because it works in both scenarios. If you have been rejected, there is nothing you can do about the lost opportunity, and it would only be sensible to apply for other suitable openings.

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