Does Message Blocking is Active Mean I’ve Been Blocked?

Which do you like better, calling or texting? Of course, calling has always been standard procedure, but nowadays, people lean more toward sending messages. Thus, the market is bursting with various messaging applications that can satisfy your whims and desires.  Messaging someone is also a flexible way of communication. You can reply a little late, and it is convenient that way. However, even with all its perks, users face issues.

does message blocking is active mean i've been blocked

Does a “message blocking is active” message also pops up on your device’s messaging application? Now many assume that they have been blocked and hence this message.

But is that the case, or is something else going on? Let’s find out today!

Does Message Blocking is Active Mean I’ve Been Blocked?

Have you tried to message your friend but kept receiving the notification “Message blocking is active”? This issue is not device-specific, and both iOS and Android users face it.

Now, the message may lead to wrong assumptions sometimes. It can lead the person to think that the friends they are texting have blocked them.

We understand your reasons for assuming the worst, but that’s not always the case. The primary consequence of this message is that you cannot message the other individual despite multiple attempts. Read the sections below to learn more about what truly happened.

Reason 1: You have blocked the number or vice versa

We press the blocking option that is in place when someone crosses the line, and we can no longer handle it. What better method is there to stop unwanted callers and wrong numbers from bothering you?

Therefore, the number you’re attempting to contact may be already on your blocked list. Why not check the list and unblock them if messaging them is necessary?

We can also presume that the circumstances are reversed if you haven’t blocked the individual. You can ask the individual in question to unblock you before sending a message to make this attempt successful.

Reason 2: Premium SMS access was denied on Android

Can you make sure your Android phones have premium SMS access enabled? Keep in mind that you won’t be able to send or receive any premium messages if you deny access. You should look into other reasons, as this one is probably not relevant to you if your messaging app does not support this feature.

Reason 3: Incorrect sim installation on your device

Improper sim installation on your phone is another cause of this pop-up notification after you send a text to someone.

Naturally, your device will have difficulty reading the sim card, limiting your ability to send messages.

Why don’t you re-insert your SIM card to ensure it functions? We’ll ask you to wait a while before sending your friend a message to check whether the fix worked.

Reason 4: Mobile plans-related issues

Do you still have active mobile plans for your device? You may have missed it because it’s been a while, but it’s always wise to double-check.

Perhaps your device’s plan has run out and needs to be renewed. In that situation, you should immediately purchase a plan that applies. You can also check the type of SMS plan you selected if the mobile plan you picked for your phone is still active.

Reason 5: Incorrect phone number of the recipient

Are you certain that the recipient phone number you entered is right? Although we are aware of your confidence, it wouldn’t harm to double-check, right?

Sometimes the issue is a wrong phone number, but we don’t think much about it while searching for other solutions that will never work. So, enter the right number and send them a message once more.

Other possible fixes

You are here, which indicates that the aforementioned reasons and fixes weren’t successful for you. You might become restless over time, but we have something for you. We advise you to try other potential solutions and see if they are effective.

Fix 1: Reset your network settings

Resetting your network settings will be of huge help in this situation. Be aware that if you choose to do this, your cellular network settings and login information for your wifi network will be lost.

Don’t panic; it’s not like the factory reset you’re probably familiar with, which completely wipes your device clean. This process can resolve any underlying issues that cause the message to be blocked. So we hope you follow the steps below attentively.

Steps to reset network settings:

Step 1: Select the Settings menu on your mobile phone.

Step 2: Search for the reset wifi, mobile networks, and Bluetooth option and tap on it.

Step 3: You will find the reset settings option at the bottom. Please tap on it to proceed.

Step 4: Your device may ask you to enter your phone password. Type in your password.

Step 5: Click on the ok option to confirm your network setting reset, and you are good to go.

Fix 2: Reach out to your mobile carrier

The best plan of action is to contact your mobile carrier for assistance if nothing else seems to be working. The problem may be with the carrier rather than a particular device.

You can contact your mobile carrier primarily through their official website or toll-free number, both of which are listed online. You can look up these details on the internet and get in touch with them right away. It may take anywhere between minutes to hours to fix the issue, so try to be patient.

In the end

We have approached the end of the discussion, so let’s quickly revisit the topics we have learned. We discussed whether message blocking is active mean I’ve been blocked.

We have stated a couple of reasons and fixes for this error on your device, so kindly study and apply them. We trust your issue will be resolved quickly.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you still have any doubts or questions. After all, we are just a message away!

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