Can People See if You Rewatch their Instagram Live?

Instagram is the top social media platform worldwide. There are more than a few factors involved that make so many people love it. From reels and the addictive Explore section to keeping up with friends and family, there are way too many things you can use the platform for. This includes but is not limited to consuming high-quality internet content from our favorite celebrities. We all love our entertainers, singers, actors, or even models. Although it’s still unclear how acting went from being a job to making people into God, it just somehow happened.

can people see if you rewatch their instagram live

Cut to now, when people want to know everything about those who work as actors and singers in the entertainment industry. And that’s not all: even people who accidentally became famous through a stroke of luck are made to stand on a pedestal.

So, how can you find out what your favorite celebrities do in their free time? What is Billie Eilish’s favorite pastime? Is Ryan Reynold really that funny, or is it just the script?

Does Kendall Jenner follow some kind of diet? Will Dua Lipa ever share the secret behind her abs and defined physique?

Well, you can find all of it on Instagram! Most celebrities share small snippets of their life on social media for their fans, and some even reply to requests. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to catch them going live on Instagram for some exclusive quality time.

Today’s blog will discuss if people can see it when you rewatch their Instagram live.

Can People See if You Rewatch their Instagram Live?

Let’s get straight to it: can a user tell that you’ve rewatched their Instagram live? The answer is no; they can’t. Instagram doesn’t have a feature where people are told how often their content is watched. This is true for posts, videos, and stories as well.

Let’s say someone you don’t like just went live on Instagram, and you want to rewatch their live. Of course, you can’t have them know about it, right? Well, don’t you worry; this was never a concern anyway.

Now let’s discuss the steps to starting your live video and surprising your followers with spontaneous content.

Step 1: Open Instagram on your smartphone.

Step 2: The first page you’ll land on is your Feed. Swipe right to go to the Camera page.

can people see if you rewatch their instagram live

Step 3: Here, you’ll see the camera, and at the bottom, you’ll see a dial. Keep swiping left till you get to live. Tap the capture button, and you’re now live on Instagram.

can people see if you rewatch their instagram live

How to hide Instagram live from someone?

Moving on, let’s talk about how you can prevent someone from seeing your Instagram live even once.

We all have friends we generally like, but they often tend to judge us quickly. So, if you have any of them, we can relate. But just because you have one judgemental friend doesn’t mean you don’t do what you want, right?

Although you shouldn’t care about anyone’s opinion, nor should you have friends who judge you, that’s your situation to deal with. What we’re concerned with here is how you can escape that judgment and do what you want for the time being.

Removing them from your followers’ list

If you don’t want someone to see your Instagram live and you have a private account, your work is cut out for you. Although it might be a bit difficult to explain “accidentally” blocking someone, removing from followers can easily be a genuine mistake.

Just remove them from there, and after the live is over, ask them why they unfollowed you. When they’ll deny doing anything of that sort, then admit that you might’ve accidentally removed them while you were sorting through the list. Simple.

Temporarily blocking them on Instagram

So, the best and easiest way to hide your Instagram live from someone is to simply block them for the duration of the live. You can then unblock them and give them any random excuse like your blocking them was just an accident.

Here’s how to block them on Instagram

Step 1: Open Snapchat on your smartphone; you’ll see your Newsfeed first.

Step 2: At the bottom, tap the magnifying glass icon to go to the Explore section. Tap the search bar at the screen’s top and enter the username of the person you wish to temporarily block.

can people see if you rewatch their instagram live

Step 3: From the search results, select their handle to go to their profile. Tap on the ellipsis icon at the top right.

can people see if you rewatch their instagram live

Step 4: On the pop-up menu, tap Block, and you’re all set for now.

can people see if you rewatch their instagram live

Now that the deed is done and your live is over don’t forget to unblock them. But before that, remember to not save your live to your story, or else the whole point of this would be defeated.

Here’s how to unblock someone on Instagram

Step 1: Open Instagram on your smartphone and go to Your Profile.

can people see if you rewatch their instagram live

Step 2: Tap on the hamburger icon at the top right, and on the menu, select Settings.

can people see if you rewatch their instagram live

Step 3: In the Settings page, tap on Privacy. There, scroll down to the bottom, where you’ll find Blocked Accounts; tap on it.

can people see if you rewatch their instagram live

Step 4: Here, you’ll see the full list of every user you’ve ever blocked on Instagram. Tap the unblock button next to the user you wish to unblock, and that’s all!

can people see if you rewatch their instagram live

However, we sincerely hope you do understand that no one needs friends who judge them.

Final thoughts

Instagram might not be exceptionally strict with user privacy, but it’s still enough to ensure users are satisfied. If you want to rewatch someone’s Instagram live, you can easily do so without the fear of them finding out.

It’s just not Instagram’s policy to expose the number of times any content has been watched to the owner. But the owner also obviously has the option to choose who gets to see their story through multiple options.

If you don’t wish for someone to see your Instagram live, you have two options depending on whether you have a public or private account. If you still have any questions about this topic, we’ll be waiting for you in the comments section!

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