Does Deleting Discord Account Delete Messages?

The online world can often be very overwhelming. It has provided us with opportunities and options that did not exist even in our wildest dreams a few decades ago. But on the downside, this abundance of information can leave us confused, frustrated, and distracted. Take social media platforms, for example. They enable us to hang out with all kinds of people, help us grow our network, and serve as a good way to kill time.

does deleting discord account delete messages

However, they are also the source of unnecessary distractions, an unstoppable stream of notifications, and unwanted messages from strangers you want to avoid.

Therefore, if you want to delete your Discord account, we understand. Despite its cool features, Discord might not be the best app for you. Whatever the reason, Discord has not served you the way you expected. And you have most likely made the right decision to cut yourself off the app forever.

But is deleting your Discord account enough? Does deleting your account also delete everything you did, said, and created on Discord?

Hang on with us in this blog to discover the effects of deleting your Discord account. We’ll discuss everything from what happens to your messages and servers after account deletion to whether you can restore a deleted account on Discord.

Does Deleting Discord Account Delete Messages?

If you have finally decided to delete your Discord account, you might be expecting that deleting an account should delete every messages and conversation you have had with some other user.

Unfortunately, this is different from what actually happens when you delete your account on Discord. Your messages DO NOT get deleted even if you delete your Discord account.

When you delete your Discord account, every piece of information tied to your account also vanishes from Discord’s servers. This information includes your name, username, user ID, profile avatar, and any other account information linked to your account. But when it comes to messages, they remain intact.

Any messages you send in a server or as DMs remain as they are. But since your account has been deleted, your messages will not have your name or photo. In other words, your messages will become anonymous.

Anyone who sees your message will see something like Deleted User 123456 instead of your name. There won’t be any profile pictures, either.

Are anonymous messages enough?

The fact that Discord doesn’t delete your messages even after you are gone might not sound good to you. After all, there is something called the “right to be forgotten.” And clearly, the platform doesn’t recognize that right.

Anonymizing your messages removes your identity from your messages. But this doesn’t ensure that no one can remember you. People who have been your friends on Discord and have chatted with you can easily remember you based on your past conversations.

As such, you might be wondering whether there is a way to delete all your messages before leaving the app forever. Once your messages are gone, you can wipe yourself off the surface of Discord without any issues.

Alas! It’s not that easy. No option or command will let you delete all your messages at once. But if you really want to delete your messages from Discord, here are some of the things you can try instead:

Delete your DMs manually:

If you want to delete all your DMs from a conversation on Discord, you need to delete them one by one. There is no other way. This method is good if you have only chatted a handful of times on Discord.

But if you have chatted a lot on Discord in the past, deleting DMs one by one can be a tedious and stupid idea. And it will be a lifetime before you delete all your messages.

Of course, you can also delete messages manually, one by one, on a server. But that would be way more time-consuming as you must find your messages in each channel and delete them!

Ask a mod to ban you:

If getting your messages removed from a server is what you want, there is one option that can help you with that without much trouble. You can ask a server moderator to ban you from the server and delete your messages.

It will be easier for mods to delete your messages because moderators can delete the past 100 messages of members they ban. So, if you request a moderator to ban you and delete your messages, and if they’re kind enough to comply, you can easily get a lot of messages removed!

Not a very bad idea, considering there is no other option.

Use bots to delete channel messages:

Bots can be the best option for you if you want to delete messages from the servers you own. Many Discord bots are available that can be added to your servers and can delete messages. You just need to send the right command and let the bot do the job.

For example, MEE6 is a popular bot that can help you with a lot of tasks, including deleting your messages from your servers. Go to this link and follow the prompts to add the bot to your server. Once the bot has been added, enter the following command: !clear @username

Replace “username” with your Discord username to delete the last 100 messages you have sent in the channel.

NOTE: Bots can only delete messages in a server. You cannot use them to delete DMs. Moreover, you can only use them for your own servers.

What happens to your servers once you delete your Discord account?

If you delete your Discord account, you will be removed from all the servers you are a part of.

However, you cannot delete your account if you own a server. You must first transfer your ownership to someone else or delete the server. Once you do one of these things, you can delete your account successfully.

Can you recover a deleted Discord account?

Account deletion is a permanent action. A Discord account, once deleted, cannot be recovered in any way whatsoever.

However, due to the seriousness of the action, Discord offers you 14 days to recover your account if you change your mind.

To recover your account within these 14 days, go to Discord‘s website on your desktop or browser. Enter your login email and password and hit the Login button.

You will land on the Account Scheduled for Deletion screen. Tap on the Restore Account button at the bottom to restore your account.

In the end

Deleting a Discord account is the ultimate step you can take to cut yourself off the social networking platform. But even if you delete your account, your messages do not get deleted and remain there without your identity attached to them.

Since deleting all the messages at once is impossible, you can delete them individually or use a Discord bot to remove them from your servers. For deleting messages from servers you don’t own, you can ask a moderator to ban you and delete your last 100 messages on the server.

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