How to Change Date of Birth in Gmail

While creating or signing up for an e-mail account, the website asks you to enter your date of birth. This is due to the reason that it will provide you with age-suitable settings. For instance, if you are a minor, it will restrict you from the websites, and stuff meant for the majors. Here is one thing to note every e-mail account requires a date of birth, and we cannot create one without providing it. Moreover, it is impossible to delete your birth date from your e-mail account. You can only edit and change it from who can view it.

change date of birth in gmail

Sometimes, people enter the wrong date of birth (DOB) and wish to sort it out with the correct one while signing up.

Are you some people?

Don’t worry! In this blog, we have curated a comprehensive step-by-step guide to editing and changing your date of birth settings in Gmail.

Here we go!

Steps to Change Your Date of Birth In Gmail Real Quick

First things first, you are required to log in to your Gmail account with the mail id and the password.

Now that’s an obvious step.

Now, follow these steps once you sign up for your Gmail account.

Click on me to directly view the Gmail log-in page.

1.    Please search for the personal info option and click on it.

Once you have logged in to your Gmail account, the next step is to search for the personal info option and to select it.

change date of birth in gmail

2.    Select your date of birth option

After selecting the personal info option, a bunch of other options will come to you, like the name, birthday, and password option. You have to choose the birthday option and move forward.

change date of birth in gmail

3.    Make an edit to your old date of birth or enter a new one

The end step is to change your old DOB to the new one. You will show three blocks for the date, month, and year. You must enter the required info according to the block and click on the confirm button.

change date of birth in gmail

Congratulations! Now your old or incorrect date of birth is updated to a new one in your Gmail account.

Changing Date Of Birth By Using Mobile

On your mobile, open the web browser and enter the word Google account in the search box. Click on the very first website. After choosing the website, log in to your account.

After signing in, search for the personal information option and select the personal info option. A list of options will be available from which click on the birthday option. And now, you can make an edit to your date of birth and click on confirm button to confirm the change.

How to Change Your Gmail Profile Picture

Now, when you are well acquainted with how to change and edit your date of birth without any doubt. We have also addressed queries on how to update or upload a profile picture to your Gmail account.

Unlike in date of birth, you can’t remove it, but it is not identical to the profile picture here. You can easily update, change or remove it according to your desire.

The benefit of using a profile picture is that it helps other recipients verify your id comfortably. Also, it gives an aesthetic look to your account as well.

Below is the step-by-step guide to help you change your profile picture.

1.    Logging in to your account

Go to your Google account and enter your id and password. And click on the log-in button.

2.    Click on personal information

Please search for the personal info option and click on it. Under the personal info section, selects the option photo.

change date of birth in gmail

3.    Upload or change the profile photo

The next step is selecting a profile photo according to your choice. You can choose a shot from the gallery or the google photo. After selecting upload it.

change date of birth in gmail

4.    Edit the photo selected

After uploading, you get various options for editing the photo. You can crop or rotate your image, cropping and rotating will help to alter the picture to adjust it according to the profile. And help you to enhance the profile look.

change date of birth in gmail

5.    Saving the changes

Once you complete all the above steps, click on the save as profile picture button at the bottom left corner.

change date of birth in gmail

Congratulations, your profile picture is now uploaded.

Long Story Short

Changing the date of birth is possible but deleting it is not. You can also hide it from other people by changing the DOB settings. You can change it through any means, i.e., you can use a mobile or a PC to make an edit to your DOB.

Moreover, we have also solved the problem of uploading or changing the Gmail account profile picture. Above are the steps you can follow to change your profile picture.

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