How to Search SBI Account Number by Name

They say that money is not everything. But it’s still a significant part of everything our lives are made of. Finances are one of the most crucial determiners of a happy and prosperous life. And certainly, you need to take good care of them all the time. If you are reading this blog, though, it likely means you have not been taking enough care of your money.

search sbi account number by name

While people are lately focussing on the diversification of funds more than ever, bank accounts remain the primary place for storing money for most people. And it makes perfect sense; after all, bank accounts are where you receive all of your money in the first place. As such, losing or forgetting your SBI bank account number is definitely something to worry about.

Well, you have worried enough. We have prepared this blog to do away with all your worries by helping you find your SBI account number in the easiest ways possible. Read on to know if and how to search your SBI Account Number by name.

Can you search SBI Account number by name?

With a market capitalization of over ₹4.7 trillion as of September 2022, State Bank of India (SBI) is the largest public sector bank in the country. The bank serves over 45 crore customers and employs over 2.5 lakh people across the country. The bank also boasts one of the largest networks of branches and ATMs.

But why are we bothering you with all this data on SBI? You might have already understood what we are getting at. In a bank with over 45 crore account holders, finding your unique account number just using your name is like finding the right red ball from a box full of identical red balls.

Had there been such an option to search account numbers by names, it would be ineffective at its best. Therefore, there is no way to use your name to find an SBI account number. And it’s for the best.

How to find an SBI account number?

Finding your account number using your name might not be an option. Nevertheless, you need to find your account number as soon as possible, right?

Well, you don’t need to worry much. There are numerous ways to find your complete account number with the least possible hassle. Most of the methods mentioned in the following sections are easier than you think and can help you access your account number within minutes.

Your account passbook

Since you are reading this blog, you have likely already tried and failed to find your passbook. But if you haven’t done that yet, it’s about time you started looking for your passbook. Your SBI account passbook is a one-stop material to find all details pertaining to your bank account.

You can find your bank account number, CIF number, address, branch details, and a host of other info on the first few pages of your passbook. If you are looking for any info regarding your bank account, you will likely find it in your passbook.

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