What Does Expected Mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat is one of the most teen-populated platforms on the market, except maybe BeReal. This is not to say that most Gen Zs use Snapchat; we’re sure that Instagram has many more users. But Snapchat is one of the platforms with the highest Gen Z population; most of its users range between 16-25 years of age. So, what does this mean? Well, it means two things depending on what to expect when you join the platform and what to expect from the platform itself.

what does expected mean on snapchat

Taking the latter first, Snapchat has been designed to appeal to Gen Z users. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not for Millennials. Users of all ages will love it just as much, but it’s particularly directed toward Gen Z.

For example, let us say Billie Eilish is a Gen Z artist and is therefore particularly favored by Gen Z. But does it mean it makes her music only for the younger generation and that Millennials and Boomers can’t or don’t like it? No, right?

Moreover, if you’re not Gen Z and sign up on Snapchat, that’s a good thing! Make no mistake; it will take you time to find your way around the app, and it will be filled with annoying Gen Z slang. But after a few weeks, you’ll be a completely different person who won’t feel left out anywhere.

Now, let’s talk about how the Snapchat community works. So, mostly comprised of hormonal teenagers who have way too much time, you will have some bad experiences. But if you hold on for a little longer, we’re sure you’ll find someone worth talking to.

Today’s blog will discuss what “Expected” means on Snapchat. If you’ve seen it and don’t understand it, stay with us to learn about it!

What Does Expected Mean on Snapchat?

Let’s get straight to it: what does it mean when someone uses the word “Expected” on a snap or a story? Well, the answer is both what you expect it to be while also seeing something utterly, unexpectedly useless.

On Snapchat, a trend goes around every few months where users post on their story a question with a CTA (Call to Action). Now, this question can be anything from “do you shower everyday” to “will you give up your life for me”?

Now, the viewers can either reply with a yes or a no or choose not to reply. However, given that the poster can see exactly who has seen their story, people avoid conflict by replying.

When people reply, the poster shares the response to their story with a simple addition: expected, highly unexpected, highly expected, so not expected, and so on. So, they’re telling everyone what they expected certain people to reply.

How do you use “Expected” on Snapchat?

A practical example will be much easier, so let us show you what a typical “Expected” session looks like.

Your name is Mackayla, and you have five Snapchat friends: Adriana, Michael, Mitzy, Adam, and Daniella. You ask, “would y’all jump in a river just ’cause I did? #ExpectedorUnexpected?”

So, all your friends reply with varying degrees of quirk and sass.

Adriana replies, “girl, you know I’m gonna jump first ’cause ain’t no way you’re gonna die before me!” You reply with “#highlyexpected, soul sister <3”

Michael simply says, “sure, if we’re hanging out. I’m not gonna be wussed out by no river.” Your reply is “sigh. #Expected. Michael, no offense, but you gotta spice it up, my man.”

Adam claims that “of course!! People who stay together gotta jump together.” You say something along the lines of “Oh, Adam! #Highlyunexpected! Interesting indeed *caresses beard*.”

So, as you can see, there can be many variations. This is obviously a way to increase engagement on the poster’s account or an attention-seeking technique to feel validated.

For example, if someone asks a question like: “do you think murder’s that bad? Why?,” then everyone will be inclined to reply. There are also a few people who like to stand out by saying something entirely off-handed and often meaningless. So, those replies must be shared, right?

Whatever the intentions behind this challenge might be, you can tell that it has no relation whatsoever with productivity. This is also not something that might display that you’re an exceptionally good person. All in all, it’s not something that should be tried.

In conclusion

Snapchat is a social media platform for young kids to have fun on, so if you’re not Gen Z, you’ll have trouble blending in. But don’t worry; that’s where we come in. If you think there’s anything you should know about the trends and challenges, and rules on Snapchat, we’ll help you out!

Take, for instance, the #Expected trend. It’s a response to someone’s answer to your question. You ask your friends/subscribers a question and review their replies. If you find any of them to have a particularly predictable (expected) or unpredictable (unexpected) response, share away!

Although it doesn’t make much sense, at the very least, you would have learned something about Gen Z behavior, right? We’ve also included a practical example of what this trend looks like in real life.

If there are any more trends you wish for us to discuss, just leave a comment below, and we’ll be sure to check them out!

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