What Does it Mean When a Friend Views Your Story on Snapchat But It Comes Up Other Snapchatters?

If you’re a regular Snapchat user, you must be well-acquainted with the platform’s strict and, sometimes excessive, security and privacy features. However, we can’t ever have too much security, right? Truth be told, it’s a hard line to walk, and it’s very easy to fumble the bag when it comes to difficult decisions. Snapchat has risked its entire foundation and everything that has brought it so far: snaps. Initially, the only reason why users were attracted to Snapchat was the concept of being able to share videos and photos privately. No one, not even Snapchat, can see it besides the intended viewer.

what does it mean when a friend views your story on snapchat but it comes up other snapchatters

Most people assumed Snapchat would be doomed with users who wished to make the worst possible use of all the platforms provided. However, that turned out to be wrong. Teenagers from around the world were quite impressed with Snapchat’s funky vibes and cool features that gave them privacy and unique insights.

So, when these users started using the app regularly, they realized they didn’t want all this discretion. Honestly, it’s obvious how all those measures might make one feel like they’re committing a crime.

Snapchat thus decided to add a feature where users can save snaps. Doesn’t that even sound so absurd to be able to save snaps? These words are supposed to be opposites instead of going together.

Somehow, Snapchat made it work. Since it was an optional feature, it was up to the users to decide whether they wanted their snaps to be saved. While it did turn out to be a good decision, users still can’t help but feel the authenticity that made Snapchat so great is not there anymore.

So, as always, the main thing is balance. As long as there’s a balance of privacy and freedom, it’s the ideal case in any situation.

Today’s blog will discuss what it means when a friend views your story on Snapchat, but it comes up under other Snapchatters.

What Does it Mean When a Friend Views Your Story on Snapchat But It Comes Up Other Snapchatters?

If you add something to your story, but your friend comes up under other Snapchatters in the story views, you’re not friends with them anymore. There are two scenarios to explore here.

If you have a public account, it just means the users on the other Snapchatters list are not on your friend list. They could be your subscribers or fans who you’re not friends with.

But if this was on your private story, the answer is clear: the users have either blocked or unfriended you after seeing the story. Or, it was you who unfriended or blocked them after they saw the story.

Either way, the both of you aren’t friends on Snapchat anymore. We know this isn’t the best way for you to find out your friend has removed you from their network, but you have to move on.

So, what should be your next step? Should you confront them about it or just let it be? Well, first and foremost, you need to get your facts straight. Find out if they’ve blocked you or just removed you.

If they’ve blocked you, then it might as well be their unofficial declaration of war. Blocking will mean all your chats with them have disappeared, along with your streak. Moreover, they’ve also snatched away your chance to explain yourself, so it’s not a good move.

But if they’ve removed you, many factors could be at play here. Maybe it was a mistake, or this is their way of expressing annoyance. The main point is you have a chance to redeem yourself and re-establish your friendship.

Talk to them directly

The best way to settle any conflict is to talk it out in a civil manner. You need to understand the whole situation from their point of view. Since that’s not easy, the next best idea is to simply ask them how they feel.

Keep in mind one small thing: just because you disagree with them doesn’t mean they’re wrong.

Block them

If this was an entirely unjustified tantrum thrown by them for attention or just to disturb you, then talking won’t be productive. Clearly, if they’ve come so far, they aren’t available to be civil.

You can block them and expect them to catch a hint: this isn’t high school, and no one has the time for such childish tirades.

Here’s how to block someone on Snapchat.

Step 1: Open Snapchat on your smartphone, and you’ll see the camera upon launch.

Step 2: Swipe right and go to your Chats page. Tap the magnifying glass icon at the top and enter their name.

what does it mean when a friend views your story on snapchat but it comes up other snapchatters

Step 3: Tap on the ellipsis icon at the top right. Then, select the first option called Block, and you’re good to go!

what does it mean when a friend views your story on snapchat but it comes up other snapchatters

There you go; don’t worry about them bothering you anymore. If they do seek you out after this, it most probably means they’ve learned their lesson.

All this being said, it’s important to remember that there’s no advice that fits all. It’s always possible that your circumstances are an exception, and it’s not all their fault.

For example, even if they are acting out like a child, they could have a very good reason. Maybe something’s going on in their life that’s causing them to act this way. After all, this is the classic cry for help.

Or worse, maybe it’s a misunderstanding, and they think you’re at fault. So, it’s best to be mindful of your situation before taking any adverse decisions.

In the end

Snapchat is a great platform for your privacy, but sometimes, it can feel a bit overbearing. For example, you won’t find out if one of your friends has blocked or unfriended you on the platform.

But if that friend appears under your Other Snapchatters list in the story views, it does mean you’ve either been blocked or unfriended. It also means that you have blocked or unfriended the user.

There are two ways to go here: you can either resolve this issue by talking it out or just block them if they haven’t done it yet. Although we’ve advised you to the best of our abilities, you must take into consideration your situation, your friendship with them until now, and other important factors.

If our blog has helped you, don’t forget to tell us about it in the comments below!

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