Why Do My Messages With Someone on Snapchat Saved Automatically?

Snapchat is a great social media platform, but like everything else in this world, it goes both ways. So, if you like not having to show your name or appearance, bear in mind that everyone else is also exempt from that obligation. This platform offers an extraordinary level of privacy since users are even notified when someone takes a screenshot of a chat, snap, story, or profile. It is the norm to not use your real name and to display reluctance when any talk of sharing pictures takes place.

why do my messages with someone on snapchat saved automatically

And that is not necessarily a bad thing. Privacy is priceless in this age of technology, and the currencies of data and attention have long surpassed money. All companies and businesses what to know what we’re looking for, what we want, and what we like.

So, in such a data-centric world, social media platforms seem to be one of the few places where we can at least pretend to exercise some sort of control. We can decide who sees our data, who follows us, and who should not be allowed to see us, even from afar.

Sure, there are measures against other internet users and not the technology itself, but it looks like we have to work with what we have, right? Snapchat is great at this. We are totally in control of exactly where our data goes, where it’s saved, and how we wish to display it.

Although snaps were immediately deleted, they can now be replayed, screenshotted, saved in chat, and even downloaded to the gallery. It’s just the platform’s way of saying that it’s up to you where your data goes and who can see it how often.

Today’s blog will discuss why your messages with someone on Snapchat are being saved automatically.

Why Do My Messages With Someone on Snapchat Saved Automatically?

Let’s first tell you the answer to your question: why are your messages on Snapchat with someone being saved automatically? Well, this is happening because you’ve set a timer on when your messages with them disappear, most probably a 24-hour timer. However, this means that your messages will be saved automatically until then.

While we’d generally suggest opting out of whichever feature requires saving messages, in this case, that’s all right. Snapchat is a highly secure social media platform that keeps your data safe, so don’t worry.

If this arrangement doesn’t sit right with you, that’s also quite understandable. Maybe you want the messages to disappear even faster. Either way, it should be your decision, too, right?

Thankfully, Snapchat is of the same opinion and has given both users an equal choice over the fate of their conversation.

Here’s how to set a disappearing messages timer

Step 1: Open Snapchat on your smartphone. You’ll land on the Camera page, swipe right to go to your Chats.

why do my messages with someone on snapchat saved automatically

Step 2: Once there, locate and long press on your chats with the person with whom you wish to set a timer. On the menu, locate and tap on Chat Settings. There, tap on Delete Chats…

why do my messages with someone on snapchat saved automatically

Step 3: You’ll get two options: After Viewing and 24 Hours after Viewing. Choose according to your convenience, and you’re all good to go.

why do my messages with someone on snapchat saved automatically

Here’s how to delete an entire conversation on Snapchat

Now, let’s say you wish to delete an entire conversation with someone on Snapchat. While it’s not a bad decision, remember that it won’t help you gain anything, mostly because it won’t change anything on their side.

They’ll still be able to see all the messages. In fact, since you don’t have the chats anymore, you won’t be able to tell if and when they take a screenshot. So, as you can see, there’s not much advantage in doing so.

That being said, if this helps your mental peace, then we won’t be the ones to stop you. The process of deleting an entire chat is quite similar to the one we talked about in the last section.

Follow steps 1 and 2 from the last section to make that same menu appear.

Step 3: Instead of tapping on Delete Chats…, tap on the top option called Clear from Chat Feed, and you’re all set!

why do my messages with someone on snapchat saved automatically

Here’s how to unsend a message on Snapchat

Lastly, let us tell you how to delete a message for yourself and the other person.

But if it has been a few hours since the messages were sent, Snapchat might be unable to delete the messages from both sides. So, it’s best to take quick action immediately instead of waiting. The faster you delete the message, the better chance it has of being deleted from both devices.

However, even if it has been some time, there’s no harm in trying, right?

To delete a message, go to the chat, locate that message, and long-press on it. Five options will appear. Tap on the third one, called Delete. Next, Snapchat will briefly explain what it means to delete a message. Tap on the Okay button and hope for the best!


At the end of today’s blog, let’s recap all the points you need to remember.

Snapchat is a large social media platform with a special focus on user data security and privacy. So, don’t worry about your messages and how many people can read them.

If you’re concerned about a chat where your messages are being automatically saved, it just means one of you has activated the disappearing messages feature. And until that time comes, all messages will be automatically saved.

We’ve discussed how you can set such a timer, unsend a message, and delete an entire conversation. If we’ve missed anything you’d like to learn about, just let us know in the comments section.

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