Why Snapchat Doesn’t Notify The Sender When You Screenshot a Photo?

What is the one Snapchat feature that you both admire and resent? We don’t know about the rest of the Snapchat community, but we can be sure that our readers will put the screenshot notifications above all else. We all enjoy being the ones to catch our friend red-handed screenshotting our chats or photos, but how about when we are the ones being caught? Well, nobody likes it, at least not when you are trying to be sneaky, isn’t it? But, well, the app is known for this feature!

why snapchat doesn't notify the sender when you screenshot a photo

The question we have come up with today is, “Why Snapchat doesn’t notify the sender when you screenshot a photo.”

Now, this may surprise some of you who are present. We are aware that you searched unsuccessfully for possible causes. Please understand, however, that it happens for more than one reason.

So, what are you waiting for? We will talk about a few potential causes in this blog. Please stick around until the very end to learn everything.

Why Snapchat Doesn’t Notify The Sender When You Screenshot a Photo?

Let’s get one thing straight: Snapchat always notifies the sender when you screenshot the photo, whether you send it via chat or snap. You must know about it if you are a regular user of the app.

However, users question why the app does not notify the sender when you screenshot a photo. Let us first discuss when you get a screenshot notification for photos on Snapchat!

To begin, we will discuss the photos a sender sends you in the chat. Well, if you screenshot that, the screenshot notification is present in the chat box.

The notification will read, “You took a screenshot of chat!” in your chatbox. The sender will see a “(your name) took a screenshot of chat!”

The same goes for photos sent in a snap! The same notice will appear in your chat box.

Please keep in mind that Snapchat has a built-in feature that notifies users when a screenshot is taken. Thus, the app still doesn’t currently offer a feature to disable the feature.

There are explanations, though, for why the sender of a screenshot may not receive the notifications. We will discuss them below, so please check them out one by one.

Reason 1: They have turned off the app notifications

We have talked about the in-chat notifications we receive when someone takes a screenshot of our photos, but what about the push notifications on our mobile phones?

These notifications alert senders that someone took a screenshot when their app is closed or when they come online.

You receive a “username took a screenshot” notification on your device. Remember that you might miss out on important app updates or content if not for these notifications.

However, excess of anything is not good! And, well, who wants continuous notification noises on their phones, really?

This might be the reason why the sender may have disabled the push notifications. It also explains why this social media app didn’t alert them when you took a screenshot of the photo.

You can ask them to turn on Snapchat notifications so that they can receive their notifications. Please keep in mind that they will still receive in-chat notifications. All they have to do is search through your chat to see it.

We have mentioned the steps to enable Snapchat notifications on your phone. Kindly refer to it below.

Steps to turn on Snapchat notifications on your phone:

Step 1: Tap on Settings on your phone.

Step 2: You will find Apps when you scroll down through the list of options on the page. You should click on it to proceed.

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