Why Does Snapchat Say Someone Opened a Chat When They Didn’t?

How many chats and snaps do you get per day on Snapchat? We know it is certainly challenging to provide an exact number to this question. Many of us receive plenty of them, and some of the left remain unopened for quite a while. We all actively send and receive messages on the app, and the app notifies us in the chat box about each of our activities as well, right? You open your chat on the app, and you and the sender will know that you opened it.

why does snapchat say someone opened a chat when they didn't

Your messages will remain unopened if you don’t view them, and they will instead have a delivered tag.

Now, users are reportedly noticing that Snapchat says someone opened a chat when they did not. Why do you believe this happens on the app? Study the blog thoroughly because we will discuss the causes and solutions in the sections below.

Why Does Snapchat Say Someone Opened a Chat When They Didn’t?

Sending and receiving snaps on the Snapchat application is common. In fact, we all send overwhelming snaps to each other regularly.

Hence, leaving some snaps unopened to view later is pretty common. In fact, we have all done this at some point.

However, what if you did not open a chat or weren’t at least aware of your friend sending it, but the chat remains opened in your chat box? Your friend may accuse you of opening their messages even though you may not even be conscious that they have been sent to you.

Have you ever encountered such circumstances? We must ask why the Snapchat app claims someone opened a chat when they most definitely did not.

Little technological hiccups need to be checked, so be patient, and it will be fixed without too much trouble. In the section below, we will discuss the possible reasons and fixes in detail. So, make sure you check it out.

Reason 1: In-app bugs

We will attribute this problem to flaws in the Snapchat app. If you are a frequent user of Snapchat, you are aware that in-app bugs are not a recent issue. Glitches in the app can lead to texts opening when they were sent to you by someone else without you knowing.

Reason 2: Snapchat is down

Have you ever witnessed Snapchat’s servers crashing? The effect of the app’s crashing can occasionally be restricted to a specific setting or feature. For instance, you might not be able to view anyone’s story on the app for the time being.

However, at times, the entire app fails to function for users. Now, the app can go offline anywhere in the globe. Sometimes it only affects a specific area or the entire world. We believe this might be one of the reasons why the messages open when someone sends them to you without your knowledge.

Possible fixes

We have some idea about the reasons why this error occurs, so it would be best to discuss the possible fixes, isn’t it? We have listed a couple of them below, so make sure you check them. Please note one fix that works for others may not work for you, so try using them all or at least until your app is fixed.

Fix 1: Update the app

Do you regularly check and update your Snapchat app, or are you the one who has auto-downloads on? Well, note that whichever group you belong to, updating any application is essential.

The app brings regular updates to fix bugs or introduce a new feature. Thus, you will miss out on these things if you are still using the older app version.

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