How to Create Fake Snapchat Account

Snapchat is one of the most entertaining and fun-filled applications that allows you to send snaps to your friends. It is also a widely used platform used by people to communicate with their friends. The snaps remain available only for a few seconds and after that, they are deleted and cannot be recovered. Snapchat is available for both Android and iPhone users and it is completely free to use.

create fake snapchat account

How to Create Fake Snapchat Account

For creating a fake Snapchat account, you will probably have to log in through a fake email id but that is hypothetical. However, you can easily create fake Snapchat conversations. There are multiple tools like Fake Snapchat Messages Generator with the help of which you can create false Snapchat messages to have fun with your friends and fool them.

Apart from using the tools, you can generate Fake Snapchat Conversations in the following ways

Let us assume that you want to generate a fake message or conversation with your friend by the name of Cyril. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Identify a friend who may be willing to help your out in this. Now edit the name of this person to “Cyril”. The spelling and letter case should exactly match with the name of the friend with whom you are about to create a fake conversation.
  • Before starting the prank, have a discussion with your friend regarding the conversation you are going to have. Now type the messages just as you do in case of a normal chat. One by one alternating from each end.
  •  If you have to close the chat tab amidst the conversation, make sure you save the messages before that. Otherwise, all the messages will disappear and you will mess it up. Once you are done with sending all the required messages, now it is time to take a screenshot of the chats.
  • After the screenshot has been taken, you must change the name of the friend back to their original name to avoid inconvenience.

There is also another method that you can adopt for generating fake Snapchat conversations. Instead of changing the name of your partner SnapFriend to something fake, you can also create another account of that friend with a fake name.

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