How to Add Space in BGMI Name (BGMI Space Name)

Space in BGMI Name: Battleground Mobile Game is finally available for Indian players. Ever since PUBG got banned for Indians, people couldn’t help but search for its alternative on the web. Nothing is as exciting as PUBG. There’s something about the game that keeps people hooked to their screens for several hours.

give space in battlegrounds mobile india name

Some players even used VPN to change their locations to a place where they could access PUBG and play it without any restrictions or hassle.

The good news is after all these restrictions, the game software developers have launched Battlegrounds India, which is the same as PUBG.

Every player who plays PUBG can transfer their PUBG data to this new variant of the game and enjoy it for absolutely free. Once you are done migrating your data to this latest version, you can change your name.

In order to get a new name, you are supposed to collect your rename card. The card will cost you 120 UC and you can only use it once. So, be careful with the game and the card as once you have set the name, you will not be able to change it.

As easy as it sounds, getting a perfect name for Battleground India is not that easy. The game does not allow many symbols or characters, meaning you only have a few options when it comes to creating a username for the game.

If the game does not recognize the character or letter you have added to the name, it will show the error message that reads as “invalid character error”. Now, many users are trying to create stylish names for Battleground Mobile India using different fonts and stylish username generators.

Some are even copying the names of famous people from the leaderboards. If you want to add special characters to your name, you could download an app for a special font generator.

Coming to the important question, how can you give space to BGMI name?

Let’s say you want to create a name that features a blank space. If you have ever tried to add a name with space, you must have noticed that such a format is not supported on the BGMI.

However, we know a trick to get the space added to your BGMI name. In this guide, you’ll learn how to add space in BGMI name or username.

How to Add Space in BGMI Name (BGMI Space Name)

First of all, note that space is considered a special symbol and is thus not supported by PUBG or Battleground. The only way to display space in your name is by adding an alternative.

To give space in BGMI name, you can use the symbol “Ī” for space. If you are creating a name on your desktop, press and hold the “I” button on your keyboard to get this symbol.

You can do the same on your mobile. Similarly, you can use other keys to create your favorite symbols. Just search for the hidden symbols the keys can create and apply them.

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