How to Record Internal Audio on Android

Mobile phones play a vital role in a world that has downsized to fit in the palms of the hands. Apart from cutting-edge rivalry among smartphone manufacturers, the marketplace also sees competitive pressure among mobile operating systems. Most of us, if not all, own an android device. Android is a mobile operating system primarily built for touchscreen devices like smartphones and tablets.

record internal audio on android

Did you know that Android was once created as an operating system for digital cameras, but it subsequently shifted its attention to smartphones? With the rising popularity of Android, there is a necessity for internal audio recording functionality. But what is the internal sound recording? 

As the name implies, this recording feature vividly records the sound, most likely from a game or other media on your Android device, without capturing the external sound or speech. You must have heard gamers complain about it a lot. Knowing about these things piques our curiosity, isn’t it? It makes us wonder if Android has similar features. And, if it does, where do we look for it?

If not, how do we record the internal sound? You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking answers to these questions as well. So, let’s not talk any further, and delve straight into the blog to learn more.

How to Record Internal Audio on Android

Utilizing Mobizen for internal audio recording on Android

If you own a Samsung or LG device, you’re fortunate; let us tell you why. Mobizen has enabled crystal-clear internal audio recording for these smartphones since the release of Android 10. However, they have assured that the services will be available to other smartphone users in the near future. It records the sound of the game or video on your smartphone.

What’s even better? The internal sound recorder will not pick up any ambient sound. Being a blogger simultaneously capturing internal sound and conversing with your audience appears to be virtually impossible. However, with Mobizen’s stereo recorder, you can have better interactions without fretting about external noise while also capturing internal audio.

The stereo recorder is significantly versatile. You can use this function to record your internal audio minus the outside noise, only your voice while you speak, or both internal sound and speech. You must first download the Mobizen app from the Google Playstore in order to capture internal audio. After you’ve correctly set up your account, you’ll need to complete a few processes.

Step 1: Go to the Mobizen settings in the app. It should be in the form of a gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen. 

Step 2: Remember to click on the Sound option and also ensure that your sound is enabled. Once you have enabled it, you will locate an Options menu. It provides you with both external as well as internal features. 

Step 3: Then, enable the internal sound option from here. Doing this will confirm that the app will only record the sound produced by the video you are playing on your android device right now. 

Please note that if Mobizen does not perform after executing all of the procedures above, it is possible that your smartphone does not authorize you to employ its services. In addition, certain apps may not enable these recordings due to security concerns or other Google restrictions. 

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