How to Find Someone’s Phone Number from Kik

How we interact with people has changed significantly due to substantial technological breakthroughs. The use of texting apps as a means of communication has increased. Now, don’t you think it would be quite difficult to envision a time without messaging apps? Kik is one name that stands out among the many mobile chatting apps. It has become a prominent player in the online communication setting because of its diverse set of features.

find someone's phone number from kik

It’s ridiculous that a mobile messaging app could replace the need for a phone number. Users frequently opt out of entering their phone numbers during registration since the app is user-focused and places a heavy emphasis on privacy. You may also search for usernames and scan a Kik code to interact with strangers online.

Users of the messaging service Kik occasionally need to locate someone’s phone number. You must read the blog to fully understand the issue at hand today.

How to Find Someone’s Phone Number from Kik?

It is technically difficult to find someone’s phone number on Kik. Unlike other messaging apps, Kik doesn’t link you to individuals using your personal information, like your phone number. The app’s emphasis on user anonymity and privacy poses difficulties for us.

When chatting with them on Kik, you only see a user’s name (display name and username) and profile picture. Finding their Kik profiles becomes increasingly difficult because many people don’t even link their phone numbers to their profiles.

Don’t let the facts discourage you, though! There are other methods for using Kik to obtain someone’s phone number; we will go through them below.

Method 1: Access their Kik profile

Kik doesn’t need you to add your phone numbers, but its users might reveal it anyway! Many people provide phone numbers on their Kik accounts to allow others to call them.

If you’re lucky, using this method could enable you to find the users’ phone numbers. Many individuals don’t want to take those risks because your phone number is out to the public on your profile. So, if the first strategy fails, choose the second.

Method 2: Look through social media

Have you and the other Kik user tried using other communication methods? Maybe you’ve linked with each other on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook.

If so, you can always review their accounts on these platforms to see whether they’ve provided their phone numbers. Check their bio or recent posts to see if you can find their phone numbers.

Method 3: Use a third-party tool to access their phone numbers

Bring in third-party tools if nothing else seems to be working. Some tools are reliable and can quickly provide the phone number of a Kik member.

When you search for the best third-party tools, you receive thousands of results that can make you curious and confused. We’re here to clarify doubts and inform you about two useful tools that will surely help you.


We have access to a Kik user’s username, and you will be surprised by what you find out, as username searches can turn up unexpected results. If you have a BeenVerified membership, you can easily find the phone number hidden behind a Kik account.

The application does a background check and searches through a sizable public record and database to learn more about the target person.

Steps to use BeenVerified:

Step 1: To begin, you must visit BeenVerified.

Step 2: To continue, input the target user’s Kik username and click the search button.

Wait for the results to appear, then review them to see if you can discover further information about the user. You can discover their phone number, email address, company website, connections to their social media sites, or even pictures!

Please be aware that you might not be fortunate and just obtain a few details about the user! Relax and check to see if the other tool below can assist.


Another potential third-party service people have been using for a long while is Spokeo, which allows users to conduct thorough background checks on other users. Many individuals use it to locate connections to social media accounts or other people’s phone numbers!

You can also receive their location, personal information, and contact information. The app offers reasonable bundles for you to pick from. If you’re ready to test this tool, simply follow the instructions below.

Steps to use Spokeo:

Step 1: Visit Spokeo on your browser.

Step 2: Enter the kik username in the space provided and press the search now button to confirm the action.

You must now wait for the tool to deliver the results and check if you can locate the Kik user’s phone number.

Method 4: Ask them directly

It’s time to face the target user if you have tried all the techniques mentioned above without success. You must open your Kik account and ask the user for their phone number.

Now, inquiring can catch users off guard since phone numbers are meant to be private information, and not many of us prefer to divulge it to anybody. However, please remember to approach them pleasantly and gradually bring up the subject of their phone number.

Request their phone number so you may call them and give them reasons. It is better to quit and ask them later if they don’t respond to your request for their phone number.

In the end

Kik makes it impossible for anyone to discover someone’s phone number, which causes many users to be frustrated. Calling is an excellent option if you’re wondering about their numbers to check if they’re not fraudsters or want to establish a more personal connection.

However, the app isn’t much use in this regard, so you’ll need to resort to an alternative approach to obtain their phone number.

We have mentioned four methods to assist you. Tell us, which of these methods we mentioned here worked well for you? Let us know in the comments. Please feel free to ask any more queries you may have.

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