Can I Recover Snapchat Messages from a Person I have Been Blocked?

If you have been using Snapchat for a while, you must have become familiar with the platform’s features, which often differ from the corresponding features of most other platforms. Being relatively younger compared to the likes of Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat has set itself apart from other platforms with an aim to find its own unique ground. And, let’s be honest, the platform has succeeded in this aim by all means.

can i recover snapchat messages from a person i have been blocked

With all its features centered around a special focus on privacy, Snapchat knows what its users need and crave the most. However, these features can sometimes become a problem when you are at the receiving end of an unwanted situation.

A common incident, for instance, happens when you get blocked by a fellow Snapchatter. Now, if it had been any other platform, you could easily see your previous chats with the person even after getting blocked. Alas! This can’t be the same for Snapchat.

The moment you get blocked by someone, your conversation with them disappears from your Chats tab, and you can no longer see them. But do the messages disappear forever? Or, can you recover the messages? Read on to know the answer to these questions.

What happens when blocks me on Snapchat?

Blocking on Snapchat works similarly to blocking on other prominent social media platforms, but there are some stark differences.

When someone blocks you on Snapchat, the following things happen:

  • The user gets removed from your friends’ list (and vice versa).
  • Your conversations with your friend will get wiped off your Chats tab. You will no longer be able to find your chat with that person (unless you use the trick we are going to tell you).
  • You will no longer be able to find the user on Snapchat. If you search them on Snapchat using the search bar, you will get No Results.

If the user who blocked you is in your contacts, you might see them in the All Contacts section, but when you tap on the +Add button next to their name, you will get the message “Sorry! Couldn’t find [username]”.

You will be unable to see their story or charms.

In short, all your past and present communications with the concerned person will snap shut. You would not be able to contact them on Snapchat unless they unblock you.

However, what happens to the messages and snaps sent to and from the person? True, the messages disappear from your account, but do they get deleted forever? If not, is there a way to recover those messages? The answers to these questions are part of the next section.

Can I Recover Snapchat Messages from a Person I have Been Blocked?

If you have read so far, we understand it must be important for you to see those messages that have been made to disappear by the other person without your permission.

After all, the messages belonged to both of you, so you should have the right to see your previous messages, shouldn’t you?

Well, we are not sure what should be done rightfully. But as far as seeing messages is concerned, you can take a sigh of relief someone.

Yes, you can recover Snapchat messages from someone you have been blocked by. Snapchat doesn’t seem to allow blocked users to access past messages, but apparently, there is a way using which you can see all the messages that have disappeared.

Using this trick, you can view your chats as you could see them earlier.

Follow these steps to recover your messages from a person who blocked you.

Step 1: Open Snapchat and log into your account.

Step 2: As you land on the Camera tab, capture a random snap. You can take any picture or video.

Step 3: Once the Snap gets captured, you will see several options to add the Snap to your stories, send it to your friends or groups, or save them to your Camera Roll (Gallery). Tap on the Send To button at the bottom-right corner.

can i recover snapchat messages from a person i have been blocked

Step 4: You will see the option to send your Snap to your stories, friends, and groups. But you need to send the snap to the user who blocked you. Tap on the search bar at the top and enter the username of the concerned person.

Interestingly, the user will appear on the list this way.

can i recover snapchat messages from a person i have been blocked

Step 5: Select the user and tap on the Send icon at the bottom-right corner. Your snap will be sent! Of course, the user will not receive this snap as they have blocked you.

can i recover snapchat messages from a person i have been blocked

Step 6: Here’s the best part. Since you have just sent a snap to this user, they will appear on your Chats tab. And what’s more, all the messages sent to and from the user before you were blocked will also be there! In other words, your past chats with the user will become visible again.

TIP: This method will help you find the messages you sent and opened before you were blocked. If the user had sent you a message you hadn’t opened before getting blocked, you would not see them here. Moreover, some deleted messages might also not appear. However, any messages saved by you or the other person will remain visible.

In the end

Being blocked by someone is never a good experience. And, if you have been blocked on Snapchat, it’s worse still because here, you are prohibited not only from sending any new messages but also from accessing old ones.

In this blog, we have cleared some confusion surrounding the consequences of being blocked on Snapchat and how you can surpass some of the restrictions imposed on you due to getting blocked. Conversations with a person disappear if the person blocks you on Snapchat. But we have just told you how you can recover those messages from someone who blocked you.

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