How Long Does it Take to Get a Yellow Heart on Snapchat

In a world where online chats are preferred over in-person communications for much of our interactions, emojis are the best way to express emotions, which otherwise are absent in text messages. While plain text messages might seem dull and colorless at times, emojis make our messages colorful and help us express our emotions in the easiest way possible.

long does it take for yellow heart emoji to appear on snapchat

If you use Snapchat to chat with your friends, you will likely be aware of how the platform uses emojis in the most interesting ways.

Emojis appear in the Chats section beside the names of fellow Snapchatters you chat with. These colorful emojis make the Chats section more interactive and make chatting more fun and interesting.

These seemingly simplistic emojis – called the Friend Emojis – carry hidden meanings that revolve around the snapping activity of you and your friends.

In this blog, we will unveil the mysteries around Friend Emojis on Snapchat. We will tell you about some common emojis and their importance. With a special focus on the Yellow Heart emoji, we will also discuss how long it take for Yellow Heart to Appear on Snapchat.

What Does Yellow Heart Mean on Snapchat?

Friend Emojis on Snapchat reflect your recent snapping activities on Snapchat. There are several emojis that might appear beside a friend’s name depending on the frequency and consistency of the snaps shared between you both.

The dependence of emojis on your snapping activities means emojis appear or disappear when your snapping behavior changes. Let’s understand this properly by looking at some examples.

Some of the common emojis you might have noticed are:

Smiling Face Emoji 😊 for Best Friends

long does it take for yellow heart emoji to appear on snapchat

Yellow Heart Emoji 💛 for Besties

long does it take for yellow heart emoji to appear on snapchat

Red Heart Emoji ❤️ Bestie ma

long does it take for yellow heart emoji to appear on snapchat

Double Pink Heart Emoji 💕 for Super BFFs

long does it take for yellow heart emoji to appear on snapchat

The 😊 emoji, for example, appears next to a friend’s name if you send a lot of snaps to this friend, more than you do to most other friends. Each such friend is called a Best Friend.

You can have at most eight Best Friends simultaneously to see at most eight Best Friend emojis at once. Note that this emoji doesn’t take into consideration the number of snaps your friend sends to you, only the snaps you send.

How Long Does it Take for Yellow Heart Emoji to Appear on Snapchat

To bring your curiosity to an end, we want to tell you the answer right away. A definite answer to this question doesn’t exist. Here’s why.

As we discussed, the Yellow Heart emoji appears only when you and your friend are #1 Best Friends with each other. And whatever these criteria might seem like, it is not an easy feat to achieve.

Days, weeks, or months can pass before each of you simultaneously becomes the other’s #1 Best Friend, and the emoji appears beside your friend’s name on the list. This intersection happens when both of you have been sending the most snaps to the other in the past few days, so much so that you become the other’s #1 Best Friend.

The Yellow Heart emoji will appear as soon as this intersection occurs; there is no waiting period. The only condition is that you two should send the most snaps to each other.

As you might have understood by now, there is no fixed duration after which the Yellow Heart emoji appears on Snapchat. You just cannot find out how long it takes for Yellow Heart Emoji to appear on Snapchat.

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