If You Unadd Someone on Snapchat, Will You Lose Your Streak?

Remember when you were little, you’d be upset over little things your friends did and swear not to see their faces again? But the next day, you two were buddies again, all beef forgotten. This is somewhat similar to how some people behave on social media. The game of friending and unfriending has a strange appeal, be it in the offline or the online world. While most people see it as childish and annoying, some of us have an inner child that just isn’t ready to leave it behind.

if you unfriend someone on snapchat, will you lose your streak

However, while unfriending someone frequently on platforms like Instagram or Twitter might not have any major consequence, on Snapchat, things work a little differently. Because the concept of streaks was born here, consistent interaction is the key to maintaining it.

Does that mean that you lose your streak with someone immediately after unfriending them? Or is there a buffer period? And if you do lose the streak, will adding them as friends again bring back your old streak? If all these questions have troubled your mind, you’ve come to just the right place.

Stick with us till the end to explore the effect of unfriending on streaks and discuss what options you can choose from this point onwards.

If You Unadd Someone on Snapchat, Will You Lose Your Streak?

So, we’ve already discussed all the major impacts of unfriending someone on Snapchat, except for one: the streaks.

As many of you might already know, streaks are a count of consistent interaction between two Snapchatters. The number of your streaks with another user indicates the number of days you’ve been in touch with them consistently (exchanging snaps daily) on the platform.

How does unfriending someone impact your streak with them? Well, our answer might make you happy because, thankfully, Snapchat doesn’t dissolve your streak with someone immediately after they (or you) have been unfriended.

Instead, the platform gives you a cooling period of 24 hours. If, within this time frame, you’re back in your sense and want to befriend them again, you’ll get your streak back. However, if this realization dawns on you any later than that, then you’ll have to pay for it with your streak.

This also makes sense if you think about it from the Streaks’ perspective. Streaks are only maintained when you snap someone daily, right? Now, if you’ve unfriended them for over a day, it’s natural that no snap would be exchanged between you two during that time. As a result, 24 hours later, your steak will die!

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