How to Make Someone Your Number 1 Best Friend on Snapchat

If you are a user of Snapchat you must be aware that the platform works around this ‘Friend’ model. These are your friends on the app similar to how you have friends in your real life. They are the ones with whom you have shared your most experiences. And anyone can assure you that the friends we made in middle or high school are the ones that become an important part of our lives.

make someone your number 1 best friend on snapchat

This is why it shouldn’t be a surprise when Snapchat came with the concept of ‘best friends’ all were thrilled. However, the company keeps it a secret as to how their algorithms work and we have tried to understand and show you some tips and tricks that can work on the way the best friend concept works on Snapchat.

Before the year 2018, their algorithm that decided on a best friend was kind of straightforward. All that was noticed was interactions that had happened in the last one week depending on the snaps you had sent, what the other person sent you, and so on. Your number 1 best friend was the one that exchanged more conversation with!

But now all of this had been modified from the way it used to sort best friends. The algorithm now is much complicated and it takes into account several chats and group participations considerations as well.

They also add an emojis hierarchy that was assigned to varied best friends. One can now have their regular best friends, someone that had the status for a week and then another best friend for 2 months and so much more.

How can you choose friends to be the number 1 best friend?

Honestly, one can’t! However, if you are slowly increasing the interaction frequency with that desired friends that you need on your list or at a higher ranking, you can achieve that. Snapchat now makes use of a “Magical Snapchat Friendship Algorithm” for making your best friend lists.

You are now able to have around 8 best friends and it can be a bit tough to know which one will be on the top of your list. If you want a specific person to be in the number 1 position, there will be a need for a bit more work.

You need to proactively work for getting them to a higher rank. As the algorithm notices your engagement with time, you won’t be able to get ahead of hundreds of messages that you get each day towards a specific person in few hours. This is going to take some perseverance and time.

Try engaging constantly in interesting conversation with that person, and keep sending snaps. This will engage them to reply to you as well. Then in few days of the time the algorithm is going to recognize you and you will be able to soon see them as your number 1 best friend.

Final Thoughts:

Sadly, there are no third-party apps or tools that you can use to make someone your number 1 best friend on Snapchat. But just having some great conversations for a few days is all you need to do!

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