Can You Have Two Different Hearts Next to Two Different People on Snapchat?

In a digital world filled with countless social media platforms, Snapchat has carved out a distinctive space for itself. Launched in 2011, Snapchat quickly gained popularity, offering a refreshing take on communication through its unique blend of disappearing messages, creative tools, and real-time interactions. A standout feature of Snapchat is its spontaneous nature. Unlike traditional platforms, where posts and messages are permanent, users can send photos, videos, and messages that vanish after viewing on Snapchat. This promotes spontaneity and authenticity, as users can share experiences without the pressure of creating a lasting digital footprint.

can you have two different hearts next to two different people on snapchat

Snapchat’s iconic feature, Snaps, is a cornerstone of the platform’s uniqueness. Users can capture photos or record short videos called Snaps with a single tap. But what sets snaps apart is the ability to add various creative elements. From filters to text captions, emojis, and augmented reality lenses that transform faces, Snapchat offers a playground of creativity.

Another distinct aspect of Snapchat is its emphasis on real-time interactions. Users can engage in one-on-one or group chats, sending messages that disappear once they are viewed or after a time limit. This creates urgency and encourages spontaneous conversations.

Snapchat also introduced the Snap Map, a feature that allows users to share their live location with friends on a map, fostering a feeling of connectedness and enabling impromptu meetups.

Snapchat’s uncomplicated and user-friendly interface adds to its appeal. The design makes it easy for users of all ages to navigate the platform and discover its features without feeling overwhelmed. Whether it’s applying a filter, creating a Bitmoji avatar, or exploring lenses, Snapchat invites users to play and express themselves in a light-hearted and uncomplicated manner.

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss if you can have two different colored hearts next to two users on Snapchat.

Can You Have Two Different Hearts Next to Two Different People on Snapchat?

Let’s start with your initial question: can you have two different hearts next to two different users on Snapchat? The answer is no; you can’t.

Simply put, the heart emojis on Snapchat are mutual, which means both users see the same heart emojis next to each other’s names. For example, if there’s a yellow/red/pink heart next to your friend’s name on Snapchat, the same will appear next to your name on their account.

The three different heart emojis essentially mean the same thing; you engage with them more than anyone else on the platform at the moment. And, as you know, you cannot engage with two users the most on the platform; there can be only one.

How does the friend list work on Snapchat?

To understand the emoji hearts in Snapchat, grasping the concept of Best Friends is essential.

On Snapchat, Best Friends are the people you interact with most. Your top eight friends you engage with the most are given an emoji according to your level of friendship with them.

Seven of them are Best Friends with you, while your top friend you engage with the most is your Best Friend Forever, or BFF. There are other emojis, too, like the Mutual Friends, Baby, Hourglass, and Streaks emoji.

This Best Friends list on Snapchat is another fun component of the platform designed to increase engagement. And what can we say other than “it worked like a charm”?

The algorithms to determine your Best Friends are based on the frequency and consistency of your engagement. In the past, Snapchat displayed a heart symbol next to the name of a Best Friend, indicating a close connection.

However, this feature was removed in a subsequent update, leaving users curious about the appearance of multiple hearts.

Instead of a heart next to a Best Friend’s name, it offers other emoji hearts that appear on a person’s profile/chat. Here are some of the most common emoji hearts you may encounter on Snapchat:

Yellow Heart: The yellow heart signifies that you and them are Best Friends on Snapchat. It appears when you exchange snaps with each other consistently and maintain an ongoing streak. A streak is established when you and another user exchange snaps for consecutive days.

Red Heart: The red heart symbolizes a new but intense friendship; it appears when you have been Best Friends on Snapchat for two weeks!

Pink Hearts: Pink hearts represent a level of mutual affection and dedication. They appear when you and the other person have been Best Friends for two months!

However, it’s worth mentioning that the appearance of emoji hearts doesn’t necessarily imply a romantic connection. These hearts primarily represent friendship and the level of engagement between users.

Snapchat’s approach to emojis is more playful and focused on enhancing interactions rather than denoting romantic relationships.

It’s also essential to remember that the presence of emoji hearts can change over time based on your level of engagement with different individuals. As your interaction patterns evolve, so may the emoji hearts associated with specific users.

So, if you ever want to change who you have as your BFF on Snapchat, all you need to do is stop all engagement with them. It would be more efficient still if you were to find someone else you wish to be BFFs with on Snapchat and start snapping and chatting with them consistently.

In conclusion

As our blog now draws to its end, let us quickly recap all we’ve talked about.

Snapchat is among the most popular platforms for Gen Z on the internet right now? It has everything this generation looks for on social media: interactive and engaging features, attractive visuals, funny and unique concepts, and top-notch security and privacy.

For example, one of Snapchat’s enticing features is the Best Friends list; not only can you show it to everyone, but it’s also impossible to fake it!

Those who have many friends often find it difficult to use Snapchat without upsetting one person or the other. It’s understandable; Snapchat doesn’t exactly make it easy for us by giving us an eight-friends-only list.

Unfortunately, that’s just how it works. Seven of your Snapchat best friends list occupants have emojis next to their names, and your top friend has a heart. You can’t have a heart emoji next to two people on your list.

If our blog has helped clear any confusion for you, let us know in the comments below!

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