How Long Do Saved Snapchat Messages Last?

Let’s say you’re among one those people who don’t like socializing and online social media platforms. It’s not as if you don’t like other people, but you value your privacy and peace of mind above all else. And don’t worry; there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Although you can be quite sociable when you want to be, you generally don’t, which is why you’ve earned a reputation for being unapproachable and hostile. That is an unwanted, although inevitable, result of your default behavior.

long do saved snapchat messages last

So, you’re now thinking of delving into social media platforms and putting up a more interested and polite façade. While the second part will have to be all you, we can help you with the former statement by picking the perfect social media site. And trust us; there is a perfect social media platform for everyone.

If you’re a social butterfly who likes to know what’s happening around them and in your friends’ lives, you’re a top-tier extrovert. You generally like seeing web series and following pop culture to your heart’s extent. You already know everything about the latest celebrity feuds and dating rumors.

Instagram and Twitter are our top picks for you. The former will show you what everyone wants to know about them, while the latter will air their dirty laundry and secrets. Admittedly, Twitter is notorious for spreading clickbait articles and dialogs, but a complete lie does not a rumor make, so there must be some truth to it.

But if you’d describe yourself as witty and value your privacy, security, and alone time above all else, Tumblr, Snapchat, and Reddit are more your type. Here, you don’t have to disclose your identity to appear genuine and have fun; just a likable personality and easy-going mindset.

Snapchat is particularly great because it has unique features like bitmojis, Snap Map, streaks, groups, Discover, Spotlight, filters, and many more! So, remember: there’s always something for you, as long as you look for it!

Today’s blog will discuss how long saved messages on Snapchat last. If this is your query, you’ve come to the right place because this is where you’ll find the answer!

How Long Do Saved Snapchat Messages Last?

Today’s question is short and sweet, and, probably, this isn’t a real question that stumped you but rather a small confirmation. Either way, how long do saved Snapchat messages last on the app? Well, as long as you want them to last.

If you don’t save them, they’ll disappear from the app when you close the chat. If you set the message to disappear in 24 hours, then that’s what’ll happen. But if you save the messages in chats indefinitely, you don’t have to worry about them being deleted.

We know you might be slightly confused, but don’t worry; we’ll explain everything.

How to set the messages to delete immediately?

Let’s say you’re talking with someone you dislike and don’t want your chats with them to be saved. Or maybe you like them, and you don’t want anyone else to ever be able to access those chats again. Both these cases are completely possible and understandable.

And what’s more, you need to do literally nothing about it! Don’t tap on any messages you send or receive; ask them to do the same. That way, the messages will be deleted.

How to save the messages indefinitely?

Let’s say you’re chatting with your best friend or sibling on Snapchat. There’s nothing problematic in these chats, and you think you’d even like to come back and read these messages again.

All one needs is to tap on each message sent and received, and they’ll all be saved in the chats indefinitely! Isn’t that so quick and convenient?

How to set disappearing messages?

Let’s say you want to keep the messages while you’re chatting, but you want them deleted later. Moreover, you want them to be deleted regardless of whether or not the other person saves them on their smartphone.

Thankfully, Snapchat has the perfect feature for this: disappearing messages! Recently, you might’ve also noticed this option on WhatsApp, which just goes on to prove how efficient it is.

This feature does exactly what you want: it deletes all the chats 24 hours after both parties view them. If this sounds convenient in your case, we’re happy for you! Read on to learn how you can apply this feature.

Step 1: Open the Snapchat app on your phone, and go straight to the Chat page.

Step 2: Locate and long press on the chat that you wish for the messages to disappear from.

long do saved snapchat messages last

Step 3: On the well-stocked pop-up menu, tap on the third option, Chat Settings. Next, tap on the fourth option, Delete Chats…, and you’ll see two more options: After Viewing and 24 Hours after Viewing. Tap on the second option.

long do saved snapchat messages last

Now your messages will delete exactly how you want them to delete!

In the end

As our blog has reached its end, we’ll quickly rehash all our discussion topics today.

Snapchat is quite protective of its users’ security and privacy, so rest assured; your chats will be like you want them to be. If you want them to disappear immediately after viewing, or maybe 24 hours later, you can make that happen.

On the other hand, if you want them to stay indefinitely, that’s also possible. But remember to also communicate the setting on which you decide with your partner. After all, isn’t it much better to be honest rather than hide it?

If you still have questions on how to proceed in this situation, we’ll be eager to help you; let us know in the comments below!

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