Why Does Tinder Keep Showing Me the Same Person?

With over 75 million monthly active Tinder users, don’t you think it’s a little unfair to keep seeing the same person every time you open the app? But it has been happening to a lot of users lately! Now, if you liked the profile, you would have already swiped right to show your interest! But it’s evident that you’ve been swiping left on their profiles!

why does tinder keep showing me the same person

So, what in the world has triggered this problem on your account, and how must you fix it? These are the burning questions in your mind, and we totally get it.

So, let us not wait for the issue to escalate! We will dive straight into the topic to uncover the answers!

Why Does Tinder Keep Showing Me the Same Person?

Let’s go right to the point: There isn’t just one factor to blame for this error. Therefore, the one potential fix we’ll explain may or may not work for two accounts having the same issue.

Hopefully, you’ll research all potential causes for Tinder and why it repeatedly presents you with the same person before looking for a solution. Check out the sections below for more reasons.

Reason 1: You’ve unmatched them

It’s okay to sometimes see the same profile, especially if you’ve refined your search to locate more suitable matches. But it’s not supposed to happen if they appear frequently.

You are likely to notice them on your profile if you previously matched with them and subsequently unmatched them. You see, a profile stays on the platform even after you unmatch it. They are there seeking other matches, and Tinder will present them to you if your interests match theirs.

Simply block or report the person if you are uncomfortable with them at the time of the match, and you won’t ever see their profile again.

Reason 2: They’ve created a new Tinder account

Signing up for a new Tinder account is a breeze. You can be disappointed if you’ve matched with someone and they abruptly quit and disappear.

The user may have rejoined the app after deleting it once if you see them regularly after a while. If you’re ready, you can swipe right once more to start the conversation in such situations. You can also inquire about their disappearance during your chats.

Reason 3: You’ve signed up for a new account

Have you signed up for a new Tinder account? Well, if you’ve used the same details as you initially did in your main account, you’ll find a resemblance in the potential matches.

If you wish to unmatch with them, swipe left on their profiles to remove them from your list of prospective matches. This way, hopefully, they will never appear on your profile.

Reason 4: The potential match list on your account has ended

Are you an avid Tinder user? Do you scroll through the matches for hours each day? If you use Tinder frequently and don’t change your information or adjust your search parameters, you will always see the same users on your account.

For instance, what do you think Tinder will show you if you don’t update your location and have the nearby option toggled on? You can at least try changing your location for a chance to view new faces.

Reason 5: They’ve swiped right or liked you

Another reason Tinder keeps showing you one user’s profile is that they might have swiped right on you before. Tinder simply assumes that you might like the person too and show you their profile for it to be a potential match. Also, we often love to leave likes on a person’s profile, so if a user has liked your profile, you’ll see them pop up on your account.

Reason 6: Tinder Algorithm is another potential reason

Tinder’s algorithm holds the key to showing you potential matches. It keeps an eye on your profile and observes your swipes, matches, and interest to show you profiles you might like.

Now, you must swipe left on the person in the hope of never seeing them again. Also, make sure to update your hobbies and bio on your profile so that it doesn’t align with that user’s to never see them again.

Reason 7: You’ve used the Tinder rewind feature

Did you subscribe to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold? You will receive the Tinder rewind option if you pay a set amount each month.

Sometimes, when you come across a profile, you lose them in the process of deciding whether to like it or not. Perhaps, you swiped left mistakenly, or a sudden glitch caused them to disappear!

You can simply use the Tinder Rewind feature to bring the person’s profile back to your account. If a person’s profile shows up regularly, you’re probably the one exploiting this feature. You should stop doing that to see those profiles disappear from your account.

Reason 8: The user has used the Boost feature

Do you know what exactly a Tinder boost is? According to Tinder Help, your profile might rank among the top profiles in your area for 30 minutes.

Yes, you can increase your profile views by up to 10 times while boosting. Therefore, if someone’s profile keeps popping up, they may be a Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum user who has used this feature.

The bottom line

That’s it, folks; we will wrap up our discussion for now. We’ve addressed why Tinder keeps showing you the same person on your profile.

Well, swiping left on their profile, blocking and reporting them, and, of course, never matching with them again are the best solutions to the issue. You can always fiddle with your preferences, interests, and distance to view more new users on your account. Hopefully, these fixes will be helpful to you for a good experience on the platform.

Do you have more questions or doubts related to the Tinder app? Please comment, and we will do our best to answer you. Also, follow us for more Tinder-related updates!

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