How to Know If Someone Changed Their Phone Number

Phone numbers are a route via which we can reach anyone directly. We pay little attention to changing them because doing so necessitates updating this vital information in several locations. Many sites have our numbers, including companies, colleges, banks, and post offices. So, the phone number assigned to you when you bought your first device is likely still in use. But we must also note that people change their phone numbers, which is not uncommon. In fact, over time, it has become significantly common.

know if someone changed their phone number

Naturally, this makes it difficult to contact the folks and creates far more trouble than you might expect. Therefore, we are curious how to determine if a phone number has changed. You can read our blog if you have the same question in mind.

How to Know If Someone Changed Their Phone Number

Having someone’s calling number and not being able to ring them anytime is something we all deal with due to our busy schedules. But imagine being on a day break and wishing nothing but to call a friend only to realize they have changed their number! Well, we say that it is not an ideal situation to be in, right?

But many users reportedly asked if there are ways to know if someone has changed their phone number. We are glad to say that there are a few indicators to help you determine it.

We will be discussing those couple of indications here so that you know that the person you are trying to call has replaced the existing phone number. Let us check them out individually below.

Calling them directly

The number one method to know if someone has changed their contact number is to call them. Well, this is the easiest method that would also provide a direct hint to your confusion.

Did you get a blank tone on the call? Well, this might be an indicator that either you are blocked, or they have changed their number. You can always try calling the same number with another device you have to see if you still receive the blank tone. If you do, it means they might have changed their phone number.

But this calling-the-person method can take another course. The person you are calling might pick up the call. Now the person may be the individual you are trying to reach, which means they haven’t changed their number. However, if you see someone else answer the phone and you don’t recognize the person, it probably implies they changed their phone number.

Sending them a text message

You don’t wish to call someone to get a hint? Why don’t you confirm your doubts over a text message? Go to your text messages and send a simple text to the phone number.

Now tell us did the messages go through or not? Let us tell you that if the messages did not send through even after repeated attempts, the reason might be the current inactivity of the number. This is yet another indicator that they have changed their phone number.

Messaging them repeatedly via different devices and at regular intervals is also important. These actions further solidify our claims that no other factors contribute to the failed text message attempts.

WhatsApp can help you

Who doesn’t use the instant messaging app WhatsApp in the current day and age? It is difficult to imagine people without this app on their phones, right?

You should head over to your WhatsApp account and open contact with your target individual. This app will certainly come in handy if you wish to see a person has changed their phone numbers.

Do you see a (username/phone number) changed their phone number to a new number message? The message further states that you can tap to message or add the new number as well.

The person has indeed changed their numbers if you receive this message. You can also look at their profile picture icon and see if the photo is blank or if there is a random individual instead. These are also additional clues that can determine if the person has changed their number.

Checking different social media sites

People tend to update their social media with a new number if they have replaced the old ones so that you can reach them without much hassle. Therefore, you can always check their social media accounts for any changes to their contact information.

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are some of the popular platforms where people update their phone numbers.

Besides, you can turn on the syncing contact option on Snapchat, Instagram, and other social networking sites to see if you find these people. Note that they won’t pop up in your suggestions if they have changed their phone number because they are now signed in with their new phone numbers.

Asking them

Do you know the individual personally, or did you only have phone contacts? If you know them personally, it would be best to ask them if they have changed their phone numbers. They might tell you about it and give you their new numbers if they have replaced the old ones.

You can also contact them at other places where you both are connected to ask about it. For instance, social media platforms are places where most of us are connected. Moreover, you can ask their other friends if you cannot reach them directly if they have changed their number.

In the end

Let us discuss the topics we have studied as the blog comes to an end. The topic of our discussion was how to know if someone has changed their phone number.

We have provided you with a couple of hints that might help you figure this out. We asked you to call them directly or send them a text message. Next, we suggested taking help from WhatsApp and checking other social media platforms. Lastly, we discussed asking them about it.

We hope these methods provide you with enough hints to know if someone has changed their phone numbers! Follow us for more such how-to tutorials.

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